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I was never much of a craft-y person, so I didn’t think of arts and crafts giant Michael’s as a resource for me as an interior designer. But when I needed cork for a custom bulletin board, I ventured into my local store and was surprised to see a Home Décor section, and even more impressed with the selection of products to stage and finish as space.

These faux diamond studded black and silver trays are a great bit o’glam to corral keys and mail on a drop table by the front door.

studded trays


These glass plates add another elegant touch. At $4.99 each, they can be used for candles or as coasters for glasses.


If storage is an issue, try using these velvet lined Book Boxes. They’re perfect for hidden storage and add a touch of vintage to a lonely tabletop.

vintage velvet book storage boxes


Along the same lines are these Library Book inspired folder holders, which are functional in an office and will look like books on a shelf.

storage folders


One of the hottest décor trends is mercury metal. It goes great with silvers or gold schemes and adds a touch touch of glamour without being too traditional. These types of accessories could go for as much as $12.00, but at Michael’s this accent piece is $3.99.

mercury glass vase


Hurricane vases, when filled with decorative bamboo or tall grass,  are versatile pieces for any room design. $27.99.

hurricane vases


A cluster of these small vases could cost over a $100 from other stores but at Michael’s, you can easily add a burst of color to the anywhere without breaking the bank.

red white blue vases


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For those of you who haven’t visited a Marshalls store in a while, it might be time to give it a second look. Walk past the delectable designer shoes and handbags at discounted prices to the home decor aisles tucked away in the back and we dare you to leave without finding a crazy deal. From designer bedding to one of a kind objets d’art, it’s like a flea market that’s been run through the wash cycle a few times. Check out some of our finds.


At $1.99-3.99 a pop, you can afford to eat a fancy meal off these pearly dinner plates.


This oversized chess piece makes a great centerpiece or bookshelf accessory. $12.99.

Striking blue glass bottles inspired by 50’s and 60’s design, minus the vintage pricetag. $7.99


Missed out on the beach this summer? Coral accessories fill the void at $14.99.


Vintage industrial decor at Marshalls? Yes please. Large wall-mounted wire shelf, $29.99.


This steampunk magnifying glass on a stick looks classy and functional on a vintage desk. $14.99.


Steampunk lamp, $29.99.


How about one of these 70’s style dog statues to greet people by the door, $49.99.


At $19.99 a pop, these bamboo folding stools have a thousand stylish uses.


Feel like a queen in these comfy Cynthia Rowley burnout velvet chairs, $149.99 each.


Victorian mirror, $14.99.


Preppy Ralph Lauren sheets in all sizes for $19.99. Great values indeed.


Another Ralph Lauren gem, this blue porcelain table lamp is $49.99.


The same 4″x6″ rug at Crate and Barrel will run $200 and up, here it’s $50.


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We’ve always coveted the iconic Hudson Bay Multistripe Point Blanket (made of 100% Canadian wool), but it wasn’t until recently that we realized they sell a slew of other home items, many surprisingly inexpensive. Our favorites, $40 and below.


Brightly banded and topped with a walking stick point, you’ll never confuse this umbrella for someone else’s at the umbrella stand. $35.

Walking Stick Umbrella


A set of these mugs makes an easy gift for that neighbor or colleague you don’t know all that well (but are invited to something for). $7.00 each.

Multi Stripe Mug


Finally: a towel that quite literally lets you drop anchor at the beach. Be prepared to take some flack from your friends for the S.S. Beaver part, though. $27.99.

SS Cotton Beaver Beach Towel


You can’t beat this crisp, adorably-striped tote bag for just 10 bucks.

Tote Bag


The real-deal Multistripe Point Blanket will set you back at least $275. This fleece lookalike, however, is just $40 and probably a lot more snuggly.

Fleece Multi Coloured Throw


This pitcher looks like it could turn ho-hum tap water into something that trickled down a pristine mountainside. $11.99.



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We love Fashion For Home, an online store filled with gorgeous contemporary designer furniture at affordable prices. They have come out with some new pieces since we did a store profile of these guys. We highlight some of our new favorites from their UK store, all items ship for free.


Sleeper sofas never looked so good. With the Dendera Sofa Bed in Pink Polyester, guests will overstay their welcome (also available in the U.S. for $899).

Dendera B Sofa Bed, £429.00


The handsome Dowel Armchair is mid-century with a twist. A well-built classic available in several colors, it works in a masculine or feminine space.

Dowel Armchair, £469.00


Anything that looks like it came out of a Kubrick film gets our stamp of our approval, like this Danish-designed Aurora Pendant lamp.

Aurora Pendant Lamp, £49.00

This one-of-a-kind unicorn lamp is a bundle of sophisticated irony on a table.

Unicorn Clear Table Lamp, £119.00


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If you haven’t checked out Cure Thrift Shop in New York City’s East Village, you’re missing out. The Cure, located on 111 E. 12th st. in the heart of the East Village, is a thrift store dedicated to raising money for Diabetes Research.

With two spacious floors dedicated to home decor and fashion, there’s something for everyone here. Check out what we found!


If you can say no to ice cream that’s been scooped with this precious vintage penguin ice cream scoop, you have no soul. $25

Vintage Penguin Ice Cream Scoop, $25


These vintage Beatles style pins punch up a boring t-shirt or duffel bag in no time. $20 set of 4.

Vintage "Beatles" Pins, $20


I have no idea why this amazing large antique Jesus Christ statue is still up for grabs. $125

Large Antique Jesus Christ Statue

Large Antique Jesus Christ Statue, $125


This one of a kind antique apple green rocking chair is perfect for stylish naps, $125.

Antique Apple Green Rocking Chair, $125


You usually have to pay a pretty penny for Murano glass, but this imitation piece makes a statement for only $25.

Vintage Handblown Glass Centerpiece, $25


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