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My limited apartment space has made it tricky to pursue all those creative projects that I’ve kept on the backburner for much too long. So lately I’ve been thinking about rearranging my living room to create the ultimate studio space in lieu of the generic sofa-plus-coffee table layout. What better inspiration to get those juices flowing than Warhol’s Factory?



Sifting through photos of the Factory remind me of the basic rules for a great workspace: keep it cool and simple. With seating and storage used sparsely where needed, the Factory feels laissez-faire—a blank slate to let ideas flow, but with a mind-boggling silver backdrop that instantly adds the necessary hip factor. It’s business and party all in one.

The Factory Photos

The Bentley Silver Pouf from One King’s Lane is perfectly priced to allow for multiple quantities when company arrives. It adds that funky silver touch without the commitment.

The Factory 1

Henley Pouf, $59 (In grey. Silver is currently out of stock)


A stylish chair that’s also comfortable is key. I’m partial to this Swan Wool Leisure Chair from Overstock.

The Factory 2

Swan Wool Adjustable Leisure Chair, $295


It’s all about the basics when it comes to a good desk. I especially like Ikea’s mix-n-match series, perfect for putting together a custom no-frills table top. This Linnmon/Finnvard model is tiltable for optimal painting and drawing.

The Factory 3

LINNMON/ FINNVARD white table, $79.50

Say what you will about Ikea, but they know how to do storage. The Hellmer drawer with casters is a fresh take on the usual filing cabinet, and its mini drawers are the perfect size for storing art supplies.

The Factory 4

HELMER Drawer unit on casters, silver, $39.99

It’s not complete without a little objet d’art, like this eye-catching yet minimalist retro lamp from West Elm. For additional work lighting, add simple task lamps where needed.

The Factory 5

Clint Mini Task Lamp – Marble / Black, $99


A Factory-inspired studio wouldn’t be complete without an Andy Warhol print. If you love pop art but you’re bored of the ubiquitous Marilyn and Campbell’s Soup Cans, change it up with something surprising. has such an incredibly thorough selection of Warholian wonder to choose from, like this portrait of Ingrid Bergman. A large print like this one adds a pop of color to a muted backdrop.

Ingrid with Hat, $45

Ingrid with Hat, $45

If you live in New York, check out Casa Lever (a restaurant designed after an airplane cabin and decorated with over 20 oversized original Warhol portraits) for inspiration on hanging Warhol prints.

But I digress.


A studio/home office should feel like a place you want to spend time in and express yourself, because why stifle your creativity in a bland environment? If you’re feeling up for it, try painting one wall silver. Add a disco ball for good measure, and you’ll be channeling Warhol for your next project!

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Lately, I have been drooling over Kelly Wearstler’s fabulous Malibu beach house, recently published in Elle Decor. I’m sure the weather is to blame, as I’ve fantasized abandoning the long, cold winter to spend a week in a place like this.

Kelly Wearstler's Malibu Living Room, from Elle Decor

Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu Living Room, from Elle Decor


I have always coveted Kelly Wearstler’s dramatic style. Melding influences spanning the 60s to the 80s, she mixes modern with vintage effortlessly. When you see a Kelly Wearstler room, you KNOW it’s a Kelly Wearstler room, even when she forgoes her signature use of bold color for neutral elements. Inspired by her latest project, I designed a living room that’s easily sourced and friendlier-priced.

wearstler moodboard


When working with a blank slate for a living room, I find that it’s easiest to choose a sofa first – the largest piece of furniture – and design around it. The popular Piazza velvet sofa from CB2 in the perfect neutral shade of greige (i.e., beige and gray) anchors the room. Its soft and wide shape, perfect for leisurely naps, creates the laid back Malibu vibe.

Cb2 piazza storm velvet sofa, $1399

Cb2 piazza storm velvet sofa, $1399


Leather butterfly chairs seem to be ubiquitous as of late. I love this original take on the look – the white leather with contrast stitching somehow nails the fancy-but-casual ideal.

White Leather Butterfly Chair, $229

White Leather Butterfly Chair, $229


Pretty much everything in the Nate Berkus line at Target works in this room, like these understated glam studded throw pillows.

Nate Berkus Decorative Pillow with Studs, $20

Nate Berkus Decorative Pillow with Studs, $20


Graphic black and white prints and sculptural gold pieces on the walls play off the neutral furnishings…

Nate Berkus Starburst Wall Decor - Gold

Nate Berkus Starburst Wall Decor – Gold, $28

Society6 Abstract Ink (Black on White), from $15

Society6 Abstract Ink (Black on White), from $15


For lighting, the effortless drama of this linen pendant lamp at CB2 is a no-brainer.

Cb2 linen pendant lamp, $60

Cb2 linen pendant lamp, $60


These pseudo-nautical rope mirrors are reminiscent of a beach house by the water.

World Market Connor Rope Mirrors , from $30

World Market Connor Rope Mirrors , from $30


Matching side tables in a dark shade add symmetry and break up the lighter colors in the space.

Ennis Side Table, $140

Ennis Side Table, $140

Wearstler-ize it with sculptures in varying sizes.
Set of 2 Aragonite Obelisk Towers (Peru), $43

Set of 2 Aragonite Obelisk Towers (Peru), $43

A soft, oversized pouf in place of a hard top coffee table makes the room feel softer and more relaxed.
Safavieh Pin-Striped Large Beige Cotton Fabric Poof Ottoman, $185

Safavieh Pin-Striped Large Beige Cotton Fabric Poof Ottoman, $185

The typical Kelly Wearstler room has a graphic rug that ties it all together. There are plenty to choose from in Safavieh’s affordable line of plush rugs on Overstock. This gorgeous retro-classy square rug is a winner.

Safavieh Retro Grey/ Ivory Rug (6' Square), $135

Safavieh Retro Grey/ Ivory Rug (6′ Square), $135


If you love Kelly Wearstler like I do, this beachy living room captures her essence. Stay warm!



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A games room is something of a fantasy for many bachelors, and for those of living in poky rented flats, it’s likely to remain just that. However, if you have even a single spare room in your house, there is no reason why you cannot turn the fantasy into reality and create the ideal space for escaping from the daily hassles with some friends. Unless you have lots of unused rooms, choosing the one to use will probably be fairly straightforward (either a cellar or a spare bedroom for most guys), but how should you decorate your new games room?

Most guys don’t lie awake at night dreaming of interior design, and you aren’t going to need to get the thumbs up from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen before you can start filling the space with casino, cue and video games, but you do need to give the layout some thought. Make sure the room has reasonably light-coloured walls, and add a few bits and pieces (say sports flags, trophies and pennants) to give it personality. The lighting needs to be potent enough to see what you are doing, but not so overpowering that it leads to eyestrains and headaches. Finally, think about the seating, as you want this to be comfortable without taking up loads of space – for instance, a two-seater sofa and a couple of armchairs.

You need to be careful that you don’t cram in so many games that you and your mates are unable to move about without squeezing uncomfortably past each other. Both snooker and pool tables are always popular additions, and a lot of people also like to include a card table for casino favourites such as blackjack and poker. However it should be borne in mind that you can play these, roulette, slot machines, baccarat and all other casino games at as well – and that only requires a phone. There are also other good games ideas, such as a television for video games, and a dartboard, which will give you more gaming options without eating up too much of the space.



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If a neighborhood could be summed up in a space, what would it look like? Well, if Williamsburg were a living room, it might look something like this: casual yet curated, with the faintest contrived whiff of DGAF.



The Versatile Sofa: The Anywhere Convertible Sofa folds out to a bed when friends need a place to crash. $399 from Urban Outfitters.

Anywhere Convertible Sofa, $399

Anywhere Convertible Sofa, $399


The Utilitarian Coffee Table: This chartreuse number has convenient coasters and plenty of surface space to display your Vice and Wallpaper magazine collections. $129 from CB2.

go-cart chartreuse table-media cart, $129

go-cart chartreuse table-media cart, $129


The Quintessential Bike Stand: This leaning model requires no drilling and has two slots, meaning you can hang both your vintage Bianchi and your fixy. Win! $79 from Public Bikes.

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand, $75

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand, $75


The Visually + Mentally Stimulating Poster: If Egon Schiele were alive today, he’d probably live in Williamsburg. Celebrate him with this self-portrait poster. $49.99 from All Posters.

Egon Schiele Self-Portrait with Chinese Lantern and Fruits, $49.99

Egon Schiele Self-Portrait with Chinese Lantern and Fruits, $49.99


The Serious Lamp: This factory-chic pendant says ‘I care about lighting—even if I rarely pay the electric bill on time.’ $69.99 from IKEA.

 HEKTAR Pendant lamp, $69.99

HEKTAR Pendant lamp, $69.99


The (Over)Statemet Pillow: Finally, a pillow that urges readers to spend less time playing video games and lazing away in Wi-Fi cafes. $39 from Urban Outfitters.

Wordboner Carpe Diem Pillow, $39.00

Wordboner Carpe Diem Pillow, $39.00


The Cheap Storage Solution: Keep your carefully curated LP collection at easy reach in vibrant blue milk crates. $6.99 each from Container Store.

Authentic Dairy Crate, $6.99

Authentic Dairy Crate, $6.99


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You don’t have to be OCD to love the organizational high of labeling everything in sight. And there’s something still so charming about the label makers manufactured back in the 70’s and 80’s, before digital budged its way in. Such old-school labellers are so textural, so boldly colored, so painfully retro. Score one of your own on Ebay (Exhibit A) and start labeling all kind of things besides just cupboards, files, etc.



Wine Glass Markers: Even those wine glass bangles start to look alike after a few. Labeling party guests’ glasses with their own name leaves little guessing work.



Tiny Door Labels: Dress the doors in your home with colorful—albeit elfin-sized—labels. This helps guests differentiate between a bathroom door and a closet door without helping them too much.



Last-Minute Greeting Cards: Label makers are especially great for whipping up a birthday or get-well card in a jiffy. Simply type out the subject (i.e. “Sorry you broke your leg, you big klutz!”), stick it on the front of a blank card, scribble a heartfelt line or two within and voila. -4

Book Labels: Never let book borrowers doubt for one second who that book belongs to by plastering your labeled name inside each cover. Pseudonyms are fun too.






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