How to Create More Space At Home

Our needs change over time. Your home may have been spacious enough when you first moved in, but if you now have kids or work from home, then you may find that it’s not as spacious as you need it to be. Plus, we often acquire bulky items over time that can make our properties feel a little more claustrophobic.

Most people look at selling up and moving somewhere new when they need more space, but there is another option: you can create more space in your current home. In this post, we’ll look at some handy and effective methods for doing just that. 

Pexels – CC0 Licence

Use Dead Space

If it feels like you’re running out of space in your home, then it’s worth checking to see if you’re actually using all of the available space on offer. For instance, many people have “dead spaces” in their properties that they could put to good use. For example, what about the space under your stairs? That’s a sizable portion of space which, once converted, could provide additional storage space. You may also consider converting your attic or basement. Landings and corridors can also be used as storage areas too just by investing in a cabinet.

Go Open Plan

It’s not always about making your home actually larger, but more about making it feel larger. If you’ve got a small home, then consider going open plan. This involves removing a wall or two, which will make a little more space yet make it feel much more spacious. The obvious area to focus on is your kitchen; open-plan kitchens have proven to be especially popular in recent years, and can even add value to your property. It requires work, but it’s usually a great move. 

Use Your Yard

People focus so much on how much space they have inside their four walls, yet often forget that they’ve got a whole bunch of other land just sitting there waiting to be used too. For instance, in their yard. If you’ve got the space, consider adding a shed or barn from a company such as Secure Storage Sheds; they’ll give you much more storage space than before, allowing you to keep bulky items out of your house. Plus, choose correctly and you’ll have a shed/barn that looks great too. 

Multipurpose Rooms 

Many of us want to have a guest room, office, and reading room in our home. The problem is that if you have more than one of those in your home, then you’ll likely run out of room pretty quickly. Instead, look at creating multipurpose rooms. One room could be a guest room when people are visiting, an office during the workweek, and a reading room on Sunday afternoons. 

Audit Your Property 

Finally, look at going through your property and seeing if you really need all the items you have. You might find that you can create significantly more space at home just by getting rid of some belongings that no longer serve a purpose.