7 Tips On How To Avoid Eye Strain

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Eye strain is one of the most common ailments that Americans do not believe that they are in danger

of developing. However, with the sheer amount of time we spend in front of our computers and

smartphones each day, eye strain is an inevitability.

When you can no longer tolerate the strain you are placing on your eyes each day and you begin to

suffer from extreme pain while at home, these tips will help you to reduce the strain on your eyes.

1. Heed The Warning Signs

If you are beginning to feel persistent pain in your eyes, even while resting at home, this is typically a

sign that they are experiencing a strain. Even pain in the shoulders and neck can be seen as a warning

that eye strain is starting to build up, so be sure to listen to these signs.

2. Reduce Your Eyes’ Workload

Do you really need to bring your smartphone with you every time you use the restroom? Does your

computer monitor’s brightness setting truly have to be turned all the way up? Take a look at your

lifestyle and make some subtle changes to reduce the workload that your eyes are taking on each day.

3. Keep A Distance Between Your Eyes and Screens

There is no need to sit on top of your laptop or have your smartphone two inches from your face at all

times. This increases the amount of work your eyes have to do on a daily basis. Pay attention to the

ergonomics of how you interact with screens and do your best to keep a safe distance. It helps to have

a proper chair, which can be bought at a budget price thanks to a 10% off coupon or other promos.

4. Use Larger Fonts

The smaller your fonts, the more strain you are placing on your eyes. While some may tease and mock

you for using larger fonts when it is time to read or have a lengthy interaction with a screen, using

smaller fonts decreases the strain on your eyeballs.

5. Don’t Forget To Blink!

This one may seem obvious, but spending too much time in front of screens can actually make a

person forget to blink on a regular basis. Be sure to blink, before your eyeballs begin to dry out and the

strain is increased.

6. Keep Lights Dim

If you are using a screen, it is best to keep the other lights in the room at a dim level. When multiple

lights are competing for your attention, this causes added strain for your eyes, so reduce the amount

of dueling lights in each room.

7. Take Breaks

Adhere to the 20/20 rule of gazing at screens. For every 20 minutes you are spending peering into a

computer, television or smartphone, take at least 20 seconds to stare at a different object that is at

least 20 feet away.



Beautifying your house on a budget

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Beautifying your house on a budget

We all make budgets but cannot stick to it. This is one of the reasons that we are unhappy with ourselves and our decisions.

However, it is not just the budget, but things attached to it that does not allow us to beautify our homes in a fixed monthly or weekly budget.

Here are some tips that will help you understand the shortcomings. Read them and make necessary changes in your life.


Make space

Well, you can potentially make enough space to accommodate one more person in your house, but we care less about it.

Look at that corner where you have kept all your clothes, if you manage your clothes, you will find an extra space for decorations.

Books, laptop, chargers, etc. should find some space. Place it wherever you want, but let it find space in your drawers and closet.

Organize yourself and make space.


Don’t go cheap while decorating

While decorating your house, you should try not to choose cheap decorating items. This will force you to re-decorate your house after a couple of months. So, if you are decorating your house, use good quality, branded materials and save more for the future.

Planning to buy some materials? Buy it online at Overstock.com and get exciting discount offers on your purchases. Overstock.com offers a price that is often lower than the retail price. That is not all. You can add coupon code and get an additional discount on it. So, think about it.


Rich windows

Washing your windows inside and out will give a new outlook to your home.


Shop online and have a time limit

This way, you will shop quickly and can avoid going out of budget.

The downside of this method is that you might choose the wrong material.

A possible way out of this situation is that you should shop online at popular online stores like Overstock.com. Also, visit coupon sites and look for coupons that match discount offers listed on the site. Coupons are available online for free. Find and use it.


Theme precautions

Well, no one wants to see Spiderman hanging everywhere in one’s house. You don’t want to see it too. So, when decorating around a theme, you should look for one or two focal points and paint accordingly.


Neutral colors last long, very long

For sophisticated space and a timeless feel, you should choose neutral colors and decorate your house accordingly.


Contrast attracts

If you choose contrasting materials, guests will appreciate it because it creates a unique look. For example, you can place a glass vase on top of a wooden table. It looks elegant and, at the same time, is a safe bet.



In today’s world, recycling is helping people across the world. Can you apply the same concept here and save money while decorating your house?

For example, pick up your old furniture that looks shabby and repurpose it. You can find interesting DIY ideas online. Look at it and make the most of your old furniture item.



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Remember Janet Lee from our Coffee Table Book of the Week post? Now you can watch the talented DIY designer in a new video series, “Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces.”Check out the inaugural episode featuring her space. Because we all need a little small space inspiration.



Janet Lee’s Apartment photographed by Aimée Herring

Janet Lee’s Apartment photographed by Aimée Herring


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If you like The Frugal Materialist, please take a moment to vote for us in this year’s Apartment Therapy Homies, the annual award for best home design blog!


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