How Your Business Can Immediately Grab People’s Attention

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Business is all about satisfying customers and making plenty of money. In order to do this, you have to be at a great standard in the first place. You also have to make people look at you and your brand in a positive way. If you can build a rapport with people you’re looking to sell to, then you’re going to be in a great position going forward. 

It’s just a case of making sure you can build the relationship at all. So many businesses with potential end up failing because they struggled with getting the right attention. They didn’t know what to say or what actions to take as the business was looking to get off the ground. Here are a few ways you can grab people’s attention in the most positive way: 

Possess An Amazing Online Presence 

You have to make sure that, firstly, you’re online in the first place. Secondly, you have to ensure that your online accounts and websites are showing you off in a very glowing light. If you aren’t doing this, then people will likely be turned off right away. Be professional as well as friendly and relatable. People want to see maturity but not in a robotic, boring sense. 

Work In A Great Workplace Situation In The Right Location

Your place of work matters a lot because people will take a mental note of the actual premises. Whether you’re working on a shop floor or in a factory, you have to make sure it’s looking good. It’s not the be-all and end-all, but it’s a huge step. Getting in good cleaners and dealing with property maintenance will help out a lot because a workplace that has been left to suffer often begins to show after so long. 

Work With A Team That Can Active Help Expand Your Reach 

There are companies out there that specialize in making your business a lot more popular than it is right now. They’ll go through a collection of different campaigns and strategies in order to get what they need. The likes of Junto’s Facebook ads consulting for digital marketing, for example, could be a godsend if you want to reach more people online. 

Create Events That People Will Be Interested In 

People like attending certain gatherings that are of interest to them. Whether they’re formal dealings or informal parties, they stimulate the brain in many ways. If you can create an event or sponsor one, then people are going to associate you with the positive time they had. Event marketing is a very popular way of getting people on board. 

Work Hard For Customers And Clients Every Single Day 

If you work hard on what you’re doing, people will notice it. We always appreciate when somebody is putting in a big shift for us because we know what it’s like. We know that it’s difficult to maintain a good work ethic and it’s nice to see it on show – especially when it’s in our favor. The more you work at something, the more people will appreciate it and talk about it. Word-of-mouth marketing is the cheapest way of getting people to know about you. People will talk to their friends and family, so make sure they’re saying positive things and giving good reviews/recommendations. 


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Looking for a sectional that fits your ever changing lifestyle? The Dual sofa from CB2 may be the perfect match. Its chaise arm is designed to fit both a right and left arm configurations, and its double sided cushions allows you to  switch up your style from traditional to modern.  The Dual sofas versatility means that it is able to fit almost any room layout.

CB2 dual pebble tufted sectional, $1799

CB2 dual pebble tufted sectional, $1799


The neutral color of the sectional provides a prefect canvas for some funky pillows.  These pillows from Society6 have an artistic feel, which helps create a laid back and cool vibe.

gyld^pyrymyd pillow cover, $20

gyld^pyrymyd pillow cover, $20

First Chance Pillow Cover, $20

First Chance Pillow Cover, $20

Negro sobre Blanco Pillow Cover, $20

Negro sobre Blanco Pillow Cover, $20


Placing a rug under the sofa, is a great way to introduce color into the space without it being overwhelming. Mustard yellow adds warmth to the room.

Shag Rug. $109.00-329.00

Shag Rug. $109.00-329.00


Raw materials such as stone and concrete give off an urban feeling. Add a unique planter to add some succulents and greenery to the space…

Air Plant Planter, $18.50

Air Plant Planter, $18.50


…or replace the gravel in this handsome concrete cube with plants.

Concrete cube side table w/ gravel

Concrete cube side table w/ gravel, $200


Art in the form of typography is a style that never gets old.  Spell out words of inspiration with world map letters from Urban Outfitters.

Around the World Letters, $12

Around the World Letters, $12



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A bed is the most important part of of the bedroom. Its where you go to sleep, daydream, and escape from the the stresses of the day. Think of splurging on a bed as an investment – here we use the LAX wood storage platform bed – and create a bohemian look around it.

This solid wood bed paired with a neutral bed spread creates an earthy and modern look.

Bobby Berk LAX Platform With Storage

Ikea ALINA Bedspread and 2 cushion covers, $69.99


Add some color and organic shapes with a funky tapestry. If placed behind the bed, it’s acts as a headboard and add a focal point to the space.

Urban Outfitters Tree of Life Tapestry, $39


A solid black bedside table works with the bold pattern of the tapestry.

Etsy Black Side Table, $120


Add a fringed hanging chair and a reclaimed wooden bookshelf in the corner to create a relaxed and comfortable reading corner.

Urban Outfitters Marrakech Swing Chair, $159

Etsy Reclaimed Teak Bookshelf, $45



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When a client recently asked for design help in brightening up her living, the only constraint she gave was that her husband’s current favorite artwork, Crate and Barrel’s Earthen Abstract, must remain in the space.




Pulling from the painting’s color palette, we started with a pale yellow, Little Angel from Benjamin Moore, on the walls. The yellow is sunny and light but still muted enough not to be overwhelming.

The right sofa for this space was one in a neutral tone but classed up a bit with piping detail. And this one from Bob’s Furniture at only $450 is practically a steal.

Zachary Sofa


Using armless accent chairs in a bright color keeps these pieces from feeling too heavy and weighing down the room. The same piping detail also coordinates well with the new sofa. $235 from Overstock.

Noho Orange Lounge Chair


Accent pillows that have both the orange and grey colors and pairing them with pillows that work with the wall color work to bring everything together. These solid yellow pillows from Target are 2 for $25.

Target Yellow Suede Quarter Panel Pillow


cb2 audra pillow


The landscape style subject of the painting allows for some different textures to be incorporated in the space. Using the Pebble Table from West Elm is a great way to add natural materials. Accessorize the space with rustic planters in different sizes for additional texture.

Pebble Side Table, $149

Round Planter, Rustic Gray Finish, $63


An area rug like this low cost one from Pier 1 in a simple stripe but with all the design’s colors and tones is the perfect way to anchor this grouping. $120.

Bright Stripe Rug



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Building a look around a quality statement piece helps to anchor a room. When augmented with lower-cost pieces, it’s also a good way to achieve a look that’s greater than the sum of its parts. This latest instillation of Design Around is a dining area centered around a concrete table.


An industrial blend of marble, granite, stone and natural fibers, the Fuze Dining Table from CB2 means business. Its rough, raw finish sets a cool and modern tone while its open design makes it easy to squeeze company in and around. $999.

Fuze Dining Table


These padded white folding chairs from Office Depot play on the industrial aesthetic without sacrificing cushion comforts. $159.99 for a set of 4.

Padded Steel Folding Chair


A few Areaware felt pendant lamps strung above the table add a healthy dose of necessary warmth. $159 each from Urban Outfitters.



Throw a few of these woven Anthropologie placemats on at mealtime for an added textural layer. $12 each.

Woven Rhythms Placemat


Like a properly presented plate, every wall needs something green on it. This vertical wall planter from Poketo does just the trick. $20 each.

Off the Wall Planter