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Coffee table, beer table–whatever you call it, you need one. And no, a cardboard box doesn’t cut it. Rectangular tables tend to work in more spaces than round ones, and you’ll want something high enough that you can perch your feet on it, but not so high that it blocks your view of the boob tube. Whatever you decide, just remember to use a coaster, young man! Here are some we find swell:

Beautifully simple, this Muji aluminum coffee table can weather all sorts of abuse. Available at the MoMA store and a good value at $180.

Aluminum Coffee Table made in Japan by MUJI, $180

This contour rolling table from Target is great for storage or display. $187.49.

Contour Rolling Natural Coffee Table, $187.49

Fan of the distressed look? This grey-weathered farmhouse table is sure to please, and its large drawer provides ample storage space for all of your remotes.

Grey-Weathered Farmhouse Coffee Table, $199.99

If an ottoman and a coffee table were to mate, it would surely produce something like this. Simply place a tray on it any time you need a flat surface for drinks. $199.

Soho Tufted Square Ottoman, $199

The Adair black acrylic coffee table is space-age chic and the footrests double as magazine holders. $247.99.

Adair Black Acrylic Coffee Table, $247.99



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La-Z-Boys may be deceptively comfortable but boy are they hard on the eyes! A proper man deserves a proper armchair – one that is conducive to lounging, but also screams out to company, “pick me!” when it’s time for a seat. The ultimate armchair is an oversized, weathered leather type, but those are real investment pieces. So until you become a man of leisure, consider these more affordable types, which have heft and stylistic integrity, but also look cushy enough to read a book in.

This regal Manchester Club chair is yet another example of something from that looks much more expensive than its price tag.

Manchester Club Chair, $307.99

The Velvet Club Chair from Target has nice texture and would make a great wingman to just about any couch.

Memphis Velvet Club Chair, $299.99

The Parker Chair from Urban Outfitters looks like just the thing to sip your after-work martini in. And would you look at those legs!

Parker Chair in Timberwolf, $289

Also from Urban Outfitters, the Alfie chair may be lacking arms, but it’s definitely built for lounging.

Alfie Chair, $279

The Smedsta swivel by IKEA is plush and easy to keep clean with its removable, machine washable cover. It also looks like something you’d find in a Stormtrooper’s apartment.

SMEDSTA Swivel chair, $199



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As we outlined last week, most living areas do best with at least three different light sources: a floor lamp for directed light, a ceiling lamp for overall illumination, and accent lighting to set the mood. Today we focus on ceiling lamps. Pendant lamps are a fail-safe option and look great hovering over a couch or seating area. Get one that will fill out the space a bit and looks just as good when the lights are out.

The Hanging Warehouse Pendant from The Home Depot is no nonsense and high quality. Great for more modern, minimalistic spaces. Just $29.97.

Hampton Bay Brushed Nickel Warehouse Pendant, $29.97

The diffuser on CB2’s Eden Pendant Lamp gives off a soft, soothing light. It’s also a plug-in instead of hard-wire making it a cinch to anchor just about anywhere, no tools required.

eden pendant lamp, $49.95

West Elm also makes a floor lamp version of this awesome Woven Veneer Pendant. It’s both modern and reminiscent of the 70’s.

Woven Veneer Pendant, $149

Fauna’s geometrically stimulating Icosa lamp is made of felt and also plugs in for versatile placement.

Fauna Icosa Pendant Lamp , $160

The Sputnic Atom fixture is more of a chandelier than a pendant, but will instill lamp envy in your friends nonetheless.

Sputnic Chrome Chandelier Atom Light Fixture, $201.99



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A great, well-placed lamp can dramatically alter how a room looks and feels. So, if your living room’s only light source is the generic ceiling lamp that came with your place, it’s time to shed some light on your mancave. Most living areas do best with at least three different sources of light: a floor lamp for directed light, a ceiling lamp for overall illumination, and accent lighting to set the mood. Today we focus on floor lamps. We recommend…

The IKEA Kulla lamp is industrial yet polished. A major selling point, besides the reasonable price, is that it comes with a dimmer. Also available in white.

Ikea KULLA Floor lamp, $89.99

This Target lamp successfully nods at the bourgeoning tripod furniture movement. Its drum lampshade should diffuse light nicely. $124.99.

Target Tripod Floor Lamp w/Drum Shade w/ 2 CFL bulbs, $124.99

Form and function are lovingly married on this wooden CB2 lamp. The solid oak frame suspends the shade via a red cloth cord, which adjusts for height.

CB2 L_MP floor lamp, $199

This modern Hudson lamp from Chiasso would be a great accent to a modern couch. The base is real marble! $198.

Chiasso hudson floor lamp , $198

Also from Chiasso, this spotlight floor lamp would liven up an otherwise boring corner and costs much less than other models on the market. Make sure to get a low-watt bulb, though, so that you don’t feel like you’re being interrogated from the couch.

spotlight floor lamp , $118



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RULE #2: Get a good rug.

There’s a reason why some designers select a rug before anything else when designing a living space: they anchor a room and can serve as a roadmap in picking colors and textures for your home. For the mancave, we suggest area rugs that are large enough to frame your main furniture (couch, side chairs and coffee table) and withstand heavier traffic. Here are some we’re fond of:

The Jorun from IKEA is optically stimulating and would look great under a black or grey sofa. Made of wool, it will hold up well against stains and foot traffic.

IKEA JORUN Rug 7’10” x 5’7”, $179

Nothing says “I’m a man” like cowhide, which just so happens to make an awesome floor covering. Hides are easy to maintain and look better and better with age. This Argentine hide is from Horne.

Cowhide Rug 6’ x 7’, $365 + free s/h

For the more sensitive type, try the West Elm Zebra rug. Chic zebra print adds flare but is 100% wool.

West Elm Zebra Rug 5’ x 8’, $199

Woven sisal is incredibly durable and versatile, so if you’re having a hard time choosing a rug, this would be a safe and stylish choice. The Sunset model from Natural Home Rugs has a nice border and is an excellent value.

"SUNSET" (FUDGE) SISAL RUGS, $99 for 4'x6', $199 for 6'x9' plus free s/h

For something more playful, there’s CB2’s Letterpress Rug, designed by the normally pricey textile designer Liora Manné. This is a great rug for spaces in need of a ‘pop.’

CB2 letterpress rug 5' x 8', $299

ABC Rugs (not to be confused with the exquisitely high-end ABC Carpets) sells rugs from all over, including this funky Medallion Rug.

Traditional Medallion Black Rug 5'2" x 7'6", $179