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When I woke up this morning, greeting the new year, I immediately started going over my work schedule in my head. Referring to the iCals on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, I realized that 2013 is already begging me to get ultra-organized. Knowing other’s may have the same resolution, I thought this the perfect time to write a post inspiring us all to makeover our home offices. I hope these stylish and practical items motivate all you hard working women to create the workspace that you and your careers deserve.

Recently, I read an interesting fact: the color green helps you focus and should, therefore, cover the walls of libraries and offices. Pick your favorite of these viridescences and get to work!

Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore Paints


Of course, you cannot call it a home office if it’s without a desk! This handsome piece with its two shelves and vertical design is perfect for a small space.

Wood & Metal Desk, World Market, $299.99

Wood & Metal Desk – World Market, $299.99


Are you a designer, needing more than just a computer desktop desk? Don’t worry! World Market also offers this beautiful, adjustable drafting desk. What I love about this item: when you’re done with your drafting, throw a fun vintage tablecloth atop it and you have yourself a very handsome dining table. You’re welcome…

Drafting Desk - World Market, $223.99

Drafting Desk – World Market, $223.99


Whenever a friend or client of mine says they want a “big comfy” office chair, I always tell them, “Why get one of these cumbersome (and typically ugly) super comfortable chairs when you already have a couch, bed, and armchair?” In my experience, opting for the “simple” chair for your workspace is always the smarter choice. More work gets done, more space is saved, and your hardwood floors are spared the many scratches that come from the rolly chair. Though it’s a bit of a splurge, I just love the classic and surprisingly snug ghost chair. 

Ghost Chair - InStyle Modern, $115

Ghost Chair – InStyle Modern, $115


It’s a rough life for those of us who just can’t live without our iPads but have a fondness for the past, always purchasing antiques and adorning our homes with decorative old phones and typewriters. But now, thanks to “a revolutionary advancement in the field of obsolescence” our two juxtaposing loves can come together, giving our decorations a utilitarian makeover while staying oh so aesthetically pleasing.

USB Typewriter, DIY Kit - usbtypewriter on etsy, $49

USB Typewriter, DIY Kit – usbtypewriter on etsy, $49


While searching for the rare, stylish bulletin board, I was thrilled to find the following item. The fabulous doesn’t only sell pin boards featuring the map of London (in both blue and black), but of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Manhattan.

Pin City Map of London - Palomar,, $45

Pin City Map of London – Palomar,, $45


Another difficult find is the nice-looking, long-lasting desk lamp. It’s alright, I’ve found it for you! For just $40, this Ikea lamp is sure to illuminate your space all year and for those to come.

Ardod Work Lamp - Ikea, $39.99

Ardod Work Lamp – Ikea, $39.99


A great room is always made perfect by the detail. Don’t overlook the chance at spiffing up your station with unique stationary or colorful paper organizers. These floral file folders are model examples, adding the perfect pop of color and character to your desk.

Wildflower Folders - Office Max, $5.99 for nine

Wildflower Folders – Office Max, $5.99 for nine


Don’t let your files be the only sign of nature in your office. Make the smart addition of greenery to turn this study room a home.

Table Top Terrarium -, $23.10

Table Top Terrarium –, $23.10


Earlier, I mentioned something about the importance of detail. Now I cannot say that without sharing this gem of a find from Paper Source. This particular eraser says it all for you, so you don’t have to…

Sh*t Eraser - Paper Source, $4

Sh*t. Eraser – Paper Source, $4


Happy organizing, happy resolving, happy working, and happy New Year to all you Frugal Materialists!



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As a babysitter to a handful of little New York City lassies, I’ve noticed what young gals are naturally drawn to – what catches their eye and makes them feel like queen of the world! As a young feminist who grew up adoring dolls and Disney princesses, I can appreciate just how girly some of my girls can be.  Any lil’ lady should get to have her dream room. This can be achieved at a shockingly low price, which makes it all the more magical. Take a look at what we’ve chosen for your daughter’s dream space. These pretty but chic items are sure to create the perfect princess palace while also standing the test of time.

Make a statement about girl power with this flower power pendant lamp from Ikea. It looks great as a chandelier in the center of the room. Or, hang three at different levels, off-center, for a more mystical effect.


This vibrant duvet cover makes any place pop. Her room should look oh so cool and trendy while also keeping it’s delicate, feminine theme. Even the girliest of 7-year-olds appreciate a touch of edgy design.



“-and she does gymnastics and she has an older sister and… she has a bunk bed.” This is just part of the epic description by one of my girls regarding her newest best friend. For her, the bunk bed was the really cool icing on the cake. If all young gals are as excited about the classic bunk, wait until they see this lofted bed, equipped with a desk, below. I can already hear the new best friend, now… “She doesn’t even have to share it! And it’s so good for making forts.”


Match the duvet with this darling zig zag area rug in light blue. Nothing creates a fun space like mixing and matching patterns.


I’m so into these modern prints of our favorite Disney dames. Hang them up in ornate frames or steal from Sophie Wilson Design’s display, here, by simply using some metal paperclips.

J.M. Barrie, the man behind our favorite children’s story, Peter Pan, said, “You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.” Adorn her walls with this dainty clock and enjoy watching the time tick by.

$36 by uncommon


Who doesn’t feel compelled to write on walls every now and then? Let her room be her canvas by painting the walls with chalkboard paint. She’s not partial to black walls? No worries. Benjamin Moore offers chalkboard paint in her favorite colors.

approx. $20 per quart benjamin moore


My best-loved way to ornament a room is with books. These two texts are necessities for any young woman’s space. Empowering, humorous, and aesthetically pleasing, she’s sure to be using them as reference for years to come. As will her daughter, and her daughter’s daughter, and so on.

$10.50+ barnes and noble

$7.50+ barnes and noble


Now isn’t it time to head out for a parent-daughter shopping day? Have fun!



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Halloween is just a couple days away and the northeast is facing Mother Nature’s creation, the Frankenstorm. The conditions are perfect to share a style that I like to call… Mad Scientist Chic!

You can’t tend to your lab table if you’ve no source of light! Add some flare to your workspace with this spectacular gizmo.


Be of sound mind and body and hang these scientific posters anywhere you please…


I would die to turn this kitchen cart into a bar.  Ikea’s austere metal cart in a playful turquoise is the perfect place for spirits and libations.


Contrast your sleek modern furnishings with this antique frame of lifeless beauty. And perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your space in nature’s remarkable patterns.

Control the sands of time with this elegantly faux antique hourglass.

These may give you chills reminding you of high school chemistry class, but I say their look is worth the threat of flashbacks to your days of pimples and braces.

You would be psycho not to adore these colorful skullptures.

So if you’re stuck inside listening to the wind and rain, start shopping for these mad chic pieces with such low prices you’ll SCREAM with delight!



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The Brits haven’t only invaded the screens, stages, stereos, and styles over the years – they’ve invaded the interiors of some of our most fashionable homes. Last fall, studying in London, I couldn’t get enough of the culture, people, food, art, and superb style. If I am sure of one thing, it is that anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Great Britain would love to take it home with them. With these pieces – some subtle and some screaming with English Pride – any home can get that lovely London flair for a scrumptiously small fee.

Yes, they might be everywhere and perhaps they’re a bit predictable these days, but I cannot help but love these takes on the London Underground “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters. Sleek and simple, they provide the perfect pop of color and humor to any space. Picture this above your bar. Cheers, mate.

Keep Calm And Have A Cocktail Poster, $10


Take a gander at these ace throw pillows.

Union Jack bulldog with crown jewels, $49.79


Postage Stamp 18″ pillow cover, $20


This armchair is brill. At first glance, it is simply a fabulously posh chair. Look closer and you may recognize that it’s upholstered with the fabric that adorns the benches of the underground tube. Best of Britain to you!

London Transport Train Fabric Styled Italian Armchair


We cannot mention Britain without mentioning our four favorite guys. Use this mod recycled White Album wall clock to help you chivvy along and get to work!

BEATLES The White Album Recycled Record Clock, $26

BEATLES The White Album Recycled Record Clock, $26


Perhaps you’re a bit barmy, like me, and love the rainy weather in the UK. Snag these cute raindrop wall hooks to hang your jumpers, macs, and umbrellas.

Large Dropit Hooks, $40


This clever London Underground poster would be a smashing addition to any home library or kid’s room.

Tate Gallery Poster London Underground 11×17, $12.95


Blimey! These stunning area rugs will have Britain at your feet.

Jonathan Adler 2×3 Union Jack Rug, $165

5×8 Plymouth English Queen Multi Rug, $209


Fancy a spot of tea? Top of your hip English home with a kitschy royal family tea set.

Princess Diana Prince Charles tea cup and saucer set,


So, snatch up these frugal-friendly finds and Bob’s your uncle, you have the most cracking place in your apartment complex!


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Nowadays, interiors are becoming more and more specific. One of my personal favorite styles is Industrial Design which successfully highlights pieces with exposed metal and rivets, reclaimed woods and large drum style lighting.



We’ve done some recon and found these amazing pieces at very wallet friendly price tags to help you achieve a look like this in your home.


This impressive dining table, hand crafted of 1” x 2″ and 1” x 3” Douglas Fir planks seats 6 and is available at for just $580.00.

60×30 Contemporary Hairpin Dining Table


Mix and match some cool stools and chairs to bring in just a touch of funky and a pop of color.

Cb2 Contact Stool, $129

Reed Dining Chair, $154.99/2


Finally, we all know lighting can make or break any space. Try a collection of these show stopping hanging fixtures with the exposed Edison bulb, available at for just $150.00 each.

Uttermost Albiano 1-Light Pendant

Uttermost Albiano 1-Light Pendant, $215


Or, while this piece is a bit of a splurge at $250.00, try a chic cage style floor lamp available at

Industrial Cage Edison Bulb Rust Metal Floor Lamp, $250



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