For those of you who haven’t visited a Marshalls store in a while, it might be time to give it a second look. Walk past the delectable designer shoes and handbags at discounted prices to the home decor aisles tucked away in the back and we dare you to leave without finding a crazy deal. From designer bedding to one of a kind objets d’art, it’s like a flea market that’s been run through the wash cycle a few times. Check out some of our finds.


At $1.99-3.99 a pop, you can afford to eat a fancy meal off these pearly dinner plates.


This oversized chess piece makes a great centerpiece or bookshelf accessory. $12.99.

Striking blue glass bottles inspired by 50’s and 60’s design, minus the vintage pricetag. $7.99


Missed out on the beach this summer? Coral accessories fill the void at $14.99.


Vintage industrial decor at Marshalls? Yes please. Large wall-mounted wire shelf, $29.99.


This steampunk magnifying glass on a stick looks classy and functional on a vintage desk. $14.99.


Steampunk lamp, $29.99.


How about one of these 70’s style dog statues to greet people by the door, $49.99.


At $19.99 a pop, these bamboo folding stools have a thousand stylish uses.


Feel like a queen in these comfy Cynthia Rowley burnout velvet chairs, $149.99 each.


Victorian mirror, $14.99.


Preppy Ralph Lauren sheets in all sizes for $19.99. Great values indeed.


Another Ralph Lauren gem, this blue porcelain table lamp is $49.99.


The same 4″x6″ rug at Crate and Barrel will run $200 and up, here it’s $50.


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