Weekend getaways and family holiday visits are on the horizon and your little rolly suitcase may not cut it in the Packing Department. Enter the perfect catchall: the duffel bag. Duffel bags are great because they can be packed to the gills, thrown over a shoulder and weather all kinds of travel manhandling. Here are some duffels that look good, are of enduring quality and fairly priced.

Made on the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth Pack is the ultimate in rugged craftsmanship. This Large Sportsmans Duffel—like anything from this outfitter—is guaranteed for life and will only look better with age. $265.

Large Sportmans Duffel


You may think of mock turtlenecks when you think of Eddie Bauer, but I think of duffles—my parents gave me a set when I was a kid and I still have them. This medium-sized Adventurer Duffel looks exceedingly durable as well. $119.

Adventurer® Medium Duffel


Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel is sleek enough for the City Slicker yet entirely prepared for the Great Outdoors.  $149.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel


For the softer side of duffel, there’s Roxy’s muted multi-color Stripe Duffel. $62.

Move Me Duffle Bag


Is it a duffel or an accessory? It appears to be both. LeSportsac’s Extra Large Weekender in lush flower print. $138.

Extra Large Weekender


Anyone who has ever been near a hockey rink knows that hockey bags can fit just about anything. This vintage-style duffel is perfect for oversized items or heavy packers. $44.99.

Washington Capitals Mitchell & Ness Vintage Duffle Bag


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