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When it comes to interiors, Roy Lichtenstein had the right idea. Creating a Lichtenstein room can be simple, but there’s a thin line between a cartoony look and something a little more tasteful, so be sure to exercise restraint.


We take inspiration from a couple of Lichtenstein’s Interiors series, ‘Modern Room’ and ‘Yellow Vase.’:



To get the look, begin by creating a foundation using interesting white pieces from Ikea.

KIVIK Sofa bed, $749.00


The Pendant lamp is essential in tying the room together, also available in red.

365+ BRASA Pendant lamp, $49.99


This table was made to display a single mod ashtray or vase.

EXPEDIT Coffee table, $69.99



Here’s a new offering from CB2, an excellent match for this room.

CB2 sunnyside 20" pillow $21.95


This rug from West Elm is a gentle reminder of Lichtenstein’s famous benday dots.

Jute Dot Rug 5'x8', $179


Lichtenstein pays homage to Warhol with his clever placement of Mao in ‘Modern Room,’ which happens to complement this room well.

Andy Warhol's MAO, 1972 26x30 Poster, $14.59


Add a dash of color with this red clock, which looks as if it were produced by Lichtenstein himself. Also available in white.

TAJMA Wall clock, $9.99


Lush green plants keep popping up in Lichtenstein’s interiors and complete the look (check Ikea and Home Depot for a great selection at excellent prices). House them in these Lichtenstein friendly planters:

CB2 rubber vase, $10.95


We felt the black and white striped wallpaper would be a bit much, but deserved attention, so we brought in a single stripe with this vase.

DJÄRV Plant pot, $5.99