Plants are perfect for any space. Not only do they add life to your home (literally), they also help filter the air. Paired with a sleek vase or planter, plants are sure to liven up your place.


Wall mounted planters become an instant piece of living art. $20 at

Off the Wall Planter


For nostalgic feelings of chemistry class, try a set of test tube vases. Desk top tubes from Anthropology for $38.

Horizontal Chemist Vase


Ceiling mounted tubes creates a dynamic display without taking up table space. From Pigeon Toe Ceramics, $38-$110.

Hanging Test Tube Vase


How about this wall mounted model for a similar effect? $20 from amberLAnderson at Etsy.

Mason Jar Wall Planter


You’re never too old for toys, especially for this repurposed lion that is bound to give your friends a roar. $18.50 at Etsy.

Lion Planter


Terrariums are perfect for those of you who can’t keep a plant alive for more than 5 minutes. They don’t require water and are close to impossible to kill. $28 at

Glass Hanging Orb


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