How to Choose the Right Seating for Your Space

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

If you think about it, just about all spaces benefit from seating. Even in the bathroom, it’s handy to have somewhere to sit that isn’t the toilet. Even though all seating may look more or less the same, details can make a huge difference. With that in mind, here are some tips on choosing the right seating for your space.

In the living area

Living areas are for relaxing. This means that the best approach is usually to focus on a single, key piece, typically a (sleeper) sofa. In a small living area, this may be the only seating you have. Even in a small space, however, you should be prepared to invest in accessories for it.  

In particular, make sure that you have somewhere for people to put drinks (and snacks too). Resist any temptation to use the arms of your sofa or chair. This is how you get major stains on your carpet (just ask your local carpet cleaners). If you don’t have space for a proper coffee table, then a couple of small stools will do the trick.

If you have a cat, velvet-style upholstery may deter them from sharpening their claws on your good seating. This is, however, not guaranteed. Another option is simply to cover the upholstery (for example with a blanket) and consider wrapping the legs in string (or similar). This won’t deter them but it should protect your good seating.

In the dining area

If your house is big enough to have a separate dining area, then upholstered dining chairs are great investments. They support you while you eat and keep you comfortable over long periods socializing at the table. Of course, proper, separate dining areas are becoming a real luxury.  

At a minimum, dining areas often have to work as home offices too. If that’s the case, consider switching out one or two of the dining chairs for proper office chairs. If you can’t manage that, then at least buy the best ergonomic dining chairs you can fit in your space and budget. You’ll soon learn to appreciate the value of the lumbar support they offer.

If you only have space for a “pop-up” dining area, then you might want to consider padded stools. Again, buy the best quality you can afford. If your pop-up dining area has to work as your pop-up office as well then aim to invest in one great chair which will fit under it.  

If necessary make space for it by using stackable stools for people who are just eating. Stackable stools are generally plain wood or metal. You can, however, make them hard stools a lot more comfortable by just adding cushions.

In the kitchen

Counter stools are usually the way to go in the kitchen. Think about getting height-adjustable ones so you can move them elsewhere in your home and use them for comfortable occasional seating. If you have the budget, invest in padded counter stools with low backs. These are as good as it gets for countertop eating and they are also pretty decent as regular seats.

In the bathroom

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in any home. They are also generally have limited storage. This means that you might be tempted to pass on seating altogether. It’s true you can just perch on the toilet but there are two good reasons not to. Firstly, it’s not the most comfortable option. Secondly, it can damage your toilet and result in an expensive repair.

Storage benches can provide both a place to sit and valuable storage. The better option, however, might be to improvise a storage bench with a shower stool and a basket underneath it. Shower stools might seem like an indulgence, particularly if you’re a working-age adult. It’s true you might not need them often. When you do, however, you may really need them.

The truth is that anyone can have a bit of an accident or just feel unwell. In either of those situations, whether or not you have a shower stool could decide whether you feel safe having a shower. It could definitely make you a whole lot more comfortable. What’s more, you can use shower stools as regular seating.

In the bedroom area

Regularly sitting on the edge of your mattress will damage it. In other words, it will shorten the lifespan of your mattress. High-quality mattresses are a lot more expensive than high-quality chairs. This means that having seating in the bedroom area should be a high priority.

If space is tight, consider using a chair, or even a stool, in place of a nightstand. You can compensate for the reduced storage by using a bedside caddy. You could also pop a picture rail behind your bed for little necessities. For even more space-saving, use wall-mounted lights. There are now plug-in wall sconces to suit every space, taste, and budget.