5 Apps To Help You Create A Lovely Garden


If you’re lucky enough to have a garden space you’ll want to keep it looking beautiful. Whether you’re a keen gardener or a novice, these apps have got plenty of useful tips and tricks.

1. Moon & Garden

Moon & Garden can help you to create the perfect organic garden. The idea is that plants depend on natural lunar phases. The app guides you to base your gardening activities on these phases of the moon. There are many different activities to focus on including repotting, sowing, harvesting, and transplanting.

You can use the app to learn about the current zodiac sign and the moon phase. Check out the weather forecast, and keep your garden in the best condition. You can take pictures, make notes, and organize your gardening tasks. There’s a reminder feature that can help you to stay on track.

2. Gardenize

The Gardenize app is the perfect tool to improve your garden. Using the app you can monitor your plants, whether indoor plants or an outdoor garden. The app includes lots of tips that will help you to take care of your plants. Store your photographs and notes, and check out the educational news feed. The news feed has lots of advice that will help your garden to thrive. Topics covered include harvesting, fertilizing, raising beds, or flower breeds. Using Gardenize you can monitor the condition of the soil, and keep a useful garden diary.

3. Gardroid 

If you’ve always wanted to grow vegetables, Gardroid is the perfect app to get started. You can use the app to learn about harvesting and sowing. The app will give you lots of plant care tips, and info about the correcting sowing temperatures. With Gardroid you can track the progress of plants, get notifications, and save into. You’ll learn all about plant spacing and depth. There are so many benefits of growing your own vegetables including:

  • Improve your health by eating more nutrients.
  • Save money by reducing your grocery bill.
  • Live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

4. Smart Plant 

The Smart Plant app can teach you everything you need to know about looking after plants. You can use the app to identify plants, browse for plants, and much more. There are lots of cool features to check out, including:

  • Info to identify diseases and pests.
  • Experts to answer plant-based questions.
  • Organize the plants in your garden.
  • Scan new plants to find out what they are.
  • Get gardening tips to improve your skills
  • Personalized recommendations about your garden.

5. Grow Flowers Guide

If you’re looking to grow some beautiful flowers for your garden you need the ‘Grow Flowers Guide’. The app will help you to learn about lots of different types of flowers, plus all the growing tips you need. Here you’ll get to understand what flowers need to thrive. Growing a flower garden can be tricky, but with this app, the process just became a whole lot easier.

Boosting your curb appeal

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