10 Old Inherited Possessions That Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

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When a loved one passes away, we can often end up inheriting a lot of junk. Sure, some of it is likely to be useful or of sentimental value. However, a lot of it is likely to be of no value to us. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be of value to someone else? Before you start donating items or chucking items away, it could be important to check that there aren’t any hidden valuables. Something as innocuous as a soft toy or a pack of Christmas baubles could fetch a lot of money. Below are just a few different inherited possessions to check the value of.


Certain old books could be valuable – especially if they’re first edition and in good condition. Some first edition copies of popular novels are so rare that they can fetch hundreds of dollars. If you inherited a small library of books, it could be worth valuing them online. There are sites that you can use to value old books using the ISBN number. 


Was your loved one an avid vinyl collector? If so, it could be worth looking through some of the records to see how much they are worth. There are some rare first pressings of records that are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Even a few records valued at $30 each can add up and be worth selling. 


Some old toys including beanie babies, board games and action figures are now worth a huge amount of money because of their rarity. Such toys are typically more valuable if they’re still in the box. It could be worth checking if there are any old toys or board games among your inherited belongings that never made it out of the box – some of them could be worth a fortune now. 


Many of us inherit jewelry belonging to parents, grandparents and even older ancestors. It’s possible that you could have some valuable antique jewelry in your possession – if you’re willing to sell it, you could potentially make hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Seek the opinion of an expert to see if any of your inherited jewelry is worth anything. 


A lot of households used to collect silverware including silver plated cutlery and silver dishes. Some of this silverware could be quite valuable and worth researching. It’s worth noting that the quality of silver is more to do with the craftsmanship and condition than the silver content – a large silverware collection that is damaged or poorly made may not be worth much. 

Fine china

Did your loved ones own any fine china pieces? These items could also be worth a lot of money – particularly if made from fine bone china or made by a renowned manufacturer. Your best option when valuing china items is to talk to an expert. They will be able to authenticate it and determine its worth. 

Rotary phones

Rotary phones have largely disappeared from homes, but they’ve made a comeback in recent years as a collector’s item. If your loved ones owned a rotary phone and kept it in good condition, there’s a chance it could be worth a lot of money. Some original rotary phones are even worth hundreds of dollars. 


Don’t throw away that old toolbox. Many old tools that have been kept in good condition are also prized by collectors. This includes old hammers, drills and wrenches. Specialist rare tools can be particularly valuable – even if they may not have a use today, they could be seen as an exciting piece of history by some people. Matching sets of old tools can also be worth a lot of money.


It’s also worth valuing old artwork. While it’s unlikely your loved one had an original Monet painting on their wall, there’s still a chance that some of those old paintings may have been painted by someone who is now famous. Old paintings of locations that have since changed could be valuable to some locals. If you’ve got any old paintings of locations and you don’t want to keep onto them, consider selling them. 

Xmas ornaments

Old Xmas ornaments that have been passed through the generations could also potentially be valuable. This could include old baubles or an angel. There are collectors that look out for these decorations in the lead up to Christmas. If you have some old ornaments that you don’t want to hang on your tree, why not get them valued? They could be worth more than you think.