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Let’s face it. Apartment walls tend to be a little boring and lackluster, especially if you have a less than awesome landlord who refuses to let you do anything to them.  Here are a few easy, low-commitment ideas to take your walls from sad to fab.


Wall decals are perfect for those who want to avoid any wall damage. These vinyl stickers are easy to put on and just peel right off. Offered in a number of fun colors, this bold print is bound to add some flare to your space. $38 from Abby’s Vinyl Wall Art at Etsy.

Chevron Vinyl Wall Decals


Does your window provide a less than spectacular view? Fake it ’til ya make it with a decal of NYC’s skyline. $78.54 at Gali-art.com.

New York City Wall Decal


These 3D flowers look darling arranged in a cluster or willy-nilly. $20 for a pack of 20 at Umbra.com.



Stay chic and eco-friendly with a set of handmade reclaimed wood wall accessories. Perfect for all you stylish treehuggers out there. From Earth Art by Wendy at Etsy, $70.

Eco Friendly Wall Art made from Reclaimed White Birch Wood


Add a little glamour with these mirrored decals from Acte-deco.com for $83.78.

Bulles Effet miroir




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Cardboard is gaining popularity as a quirky, environmentally-friendly design material. But just because it’s a cheap material doesn’t mean that all cardboard furniture is affordable. Designer cardboard still carries a very designer price tag: the Frank Gehry Wiggle chair (designed in 1972) will put you back $985 or more.  Here are some affordable cardboard options that add an element of fun, but won’t leave you broken-hearted once it falls apart because it’s made of cardboard.


Giles Miller’s cardboard mantle clock is fashionable at any hour. $53.

Mantle-C Cardboard Mantle Clock


Get out your favorite Sharpie marker, because this Executive Table from Karton looks like the sweetest doodle pad ever. Just $148.

The Chairman's Table


Also from Karton, the Ewe storage unit is a cute way to stay organized. $55.

The Barnyard Method - Ewe


This funky kids’ chair is perfect for the play room. $19.99 on Amazon.

Cardboard Toy Chair


The Dickens sideboard from Fashion4Home is fantastically fashionable and 100% recyclable! $369.

Dickens Cardboard Bookshelf



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Freestanding coat racks are a great way to liven up an entryway or office corner.  Unfortunately, cool coat racks are also surprisingly expensive (Exhibit A).  We scoured our favorite sites and found a handful of racks that pack a punch without price tags that feel like a sucker punch.


The enchanting Twig coat rack from Z Gallerie looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale illustration. $149.95

Twig Coat Rack - Antique Silver


In its berry hue, the Coming & Going rack from Urban Outfitters is a fresh spin on a style grandma would have had in the front parlor. $79

Coming and Going Coat Rack


Room and Board offers a colorful range of these, including this vibrant green. $229.

Large Six-arm Coat Rack


The Colore rack from Chiasso nods its head to the Eames Hang-It-All  Rack. $78.

colore coat rack


CB2’s Telephone rack is modern, playful and cool, all wrapped into one. $89.95

telephone coat rack



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It’s that time of year folks: hot enough to necessitate the opening of windows, but not yet dire enough to compel a person to drag that cumbersome AC unit out of storage. Yes, it’s fan season. Much like exercise equipment, fans can be a real eyesore if not carefully selected and placed. Avoid eyerot with one of these breeze-worthy options:

The frameless Propello table fan from Unica is très chic, while the soft rubber blades make it safe for even the most accident prone among us. $140.

propello desk/table fan


The Ecco desk fan in orange is a modern twist on a classic design. $85.10 from Walmart.

Ecco Orange Desk Fan


It’s OK to put this baby in the corner—the Living Accents retro metal pedestal fan. $58.17.

Living Accents Retro Metal Pedestal Fan 16" 3 Speed


For the less frugal, more fashion-forward among us, we suggest the über sleek Dyson bladeless fan. $299 from Conran Shop.




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The Kindle may be convenient, but it can never replace the look and feel of the real deal. So, as long as books line our shelves, we’re going to need something to contain them. Here are some fun and entirely affordable bookends for your consideration:


For animal lovers: hand-carved elephants from Thailand. $44.99.

Pair of Hand-carved Elephant Bookends, $44.99


For record lovers: vinyl bookends from The Conran Shop. $36.




For the minimalist: CB2’s cube bookends. $24.99.

cube bookends set of two, $24.95


For Jeff Koons fans: The Big Top Balloon Animal bookend. $36.

Big Top Balloon Animal Bookend- Orange , $36


For the overly literal: wooden A to Z bookends. $36.50.

Wood A To Z Bookend Pair, $36.50



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