Everyone has inexplicable pet peeves; one of mine happens to be Kleenex boxes that completely clash with their general surroundings. A very plain, monotone box surely does no harm, but tissue companies seem gung ho on getting a colorful cornucopia of flowers, zigzags and curlicues into our homes, and this must be dealt with. Luckily, these tissue boxes cleverly circumnavigate the garish Kleenex box problem:


The suave stainless steel SÄVERN from IKEA is like a little lockbox for your tissues—and a bargain, at $11.99.

SÄVERN Tissue box, $11.99

This is probably the only thing from Jonathan “The King of Lacquer” Adler we can afford. $38.

Jonathan Adler lacquer tissue box, $38

This boutique box nicely pairs stainless steel and bamboo. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, office or wherever else you might want it. $16.49.

Formbu® Stainless Steel Boutique Box, $16.49

With the transparent holder, you’ll never be caught unawares when your Kleenex is running low. $14.99.

Crystal Clear Flat Tissue Box, $14.99

Should you happen to have $45 laying around explicitly for a tissue box, we wholeheartedly recommend this stunning Japanese Hinoki cypress model from Design Within Reach. $45.

Hinoki Tissue Box, $45


For those itching to ditch a box altogether (and don’t live in a dust factory), we present the Bridge holder from CB2. $14.95.

CB2 Bridge Tissue Holder, $14.95


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