Cardboard is gaining popularity as a quirky, environmentally-friendly design material. But just because it’s a cheap material doesn’t mean that all cardboard furniture is affordable. Designer cardboard still carries a very designer price tag: the Frank Gehry Wiggle chair (designed in 1972) will put you back $985 or more.  Here are some affordable cardboard options that add an element of fun, but won’t leave you broken-hearted once it falls apart because it’s made of cardboard.


Giles Miller’s cardboard mantle clock is fashionable at any hour. $53.

Mantle-C Cardboard Mantle Clock


Get out your favorite Sharpie marker, because this Executive Table from Karton looks like the sweetest doodle pad ever. Just $148.

The Chairman's Table


Also from Karton, the Ewe storage unit is a cute way to stay organized. $55.

The Barnyard Method - Ewe


This funky kids’ chair is perfect for the play room. $19.99 on Amazon.

Cardboard Toy Chair


The Dickens sideboard from Fashion4Home is fantastically fashionable and 100% recyclable! $369.

Dickens Cardboard Bookshelf


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