When I woke up this morning, greeting the new year, I immediately started going over my work schedule in my head. Referring to the iCals on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, I realized that 2013 is already begging me to get ultra-organized. Knowing other’s may have the same resolution, I thought this the perfect time to write a post inspiring us all to makeover our home offices. I hope these stylish and practical items motivate all you hard working women to create the workspace that you and your careers deserve.

Recently, I read an interesting fact: the color green helps you focus and should, therefore, cover the walls of libraries and offices. Pick your favorite of these viridescences and get to work!

Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore Paints


Of course, you cannot call it a home office if it’s without a desk! This handsome piece with its two shelves and vertical design is perfect for a small space.

Wood & Metal Desk, World Market, $299.99

Wood & Metal Desk – World Market, $299.99


Are you a designer, needing more than just a computer desktop desk? Don’t worry! World Market also offers this beautiful, adjustable drafting desk. What I love about this item: when you’re done with your drafting, throw a fun vintage tablecloth atop it and you have yourself a very handsome dining table. You’re welcome…

Drafting Desk - World Market, $223.99

Drafting Desk – World Market, $223.99


Whenever a friend or client of mine says they want a “big comfy” office chair, I always tell them, “Why get one of these cumbersome (and typically ugly) super comfortable chairs when you already have a couch, bed, and armchair?” In my experience, opting for the “simple” chair for your workspace is always the smarter choice. More work gets done, more space is saved, and your hardwood floors are spared the many scratches that come from the rolly chair. Though it’s a bit of a splurge, I just love the classic and surprisingly snug ghost chair. 

Ghost Chair - InStyle Modern, $115

Ghost Chair – InStyle Modern, $115


It’s a rough life for those of us who just can’t live without our iPads but have a fondness for the past, always purchasing antiques and adorning our homes with decorative old phones and typewriters. But now, thanks to “a revolutionary advancement in the field of obsolescence” our two juxtaposing loves can come together, giving our decorations a utilitarian makeover while staying oh so aesthetically pleasing.

USB Typewriter, DIY Kit - usbtypewriter on etsy, $49

USB Typewriter, DIY Kit – usbtypewriter on etsy, $49


While searching for the rare, stylish bulletin board, I was thrilled to find the following item. The fabulous doesn’t only sell pin boards featuring the map of London (in both blue and black), but of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Manhattan.

Pin City Map of London - Palomar,, $45

Pin City Map of London – Palomar,, $45


Another difficult find is the nice-looking, long-lasting desk lamp. It’s alright, I’ve found it for you! For just $40, this Ikea lamp is sure to illuminate your space all year and for those to come.

Ardod Work Lamp - Ikea, $39.99

Ardod Work Lamp – Ikea, $39.99


A great room is always made perfect by the detail. Don’t overlook the chance at spiffing up your station with unique stationary or colorful paper organizers. These floral file folders are model examples, adding the perfect pop of color and character to your desk.

Wildflower Folders - Office Max, $5.99 for nine

Wildflower Folders – Office Max, $5.99 for nine


Don’t let your files be the only sign of nature in your office. Make the smart addition of greenery to turn this study room a home.

Table Top Terrarium -, $23.10

Table Top Terrarium –, $23.10


Earlier, I mentioned something about the importance of detail. Now I cannot say that without sharing this gem of a find from Paper Source. This particular eraser says it all for you, so you don’t have to…

Sh*t Eraser - Paper Source, $4

Sh*t. Eraser – Paper Source, $4


Happy organizing, happy resolving, happy working, and happy New Year to all you Frugal Materialists!



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