When Should You Move House and Why?


Moving house is a necessity in life. You have to move around, find out which communities fit your personality and lifestyle, as well as, move around for work purposes. If you find that you are stressed about moving house, maybe it’s not the act itself but the way you are going about it. Moving house is a complex procedure, where lots of things have to align at the same time. The big question is, when should you move house? Should it be on the weekend? Should it be at night? Should it be on a national holiday? Or could you move house when you have the majority of your friends and family in town to help?

Weekday vs weekend

Weekdays seem like a great time to move but this often clashes with your work schedule. You may say that getting time off work will solve the issue, but you will have work to catch up on, on the weekend. If you don’t have your internet ready at your new home, this could be putting you behind schedule. However on the weekend you might be feeling particularly tired or you may have other errands to do. Finding the right day is not so straightforward. Did you know that the majority of people say that Friday is the ideal day to move house? It makes sense, you have the weekend to set things up, Friday is usually a day that can be a finishing day of projects and tasks, and so you may have more time than normal to get moving.

The whole team

Some say that moving day should be done when you have people to help you. Getting the whole team of your family and friends over for one last day in the neighborhood is a great idea. You can all enjoy breakfast together, have lunch and pack all throughout the day. However, if you don’t have a moving squad what do you do? You can go with a specialist moving company like North American Van Lines who have a huge team of employees that have been trained to handle any kind of object, whether it’s made out of delicate crystal, ceramic, wood or metal. They can pack everything up for you, as well as provide packing guides for various objects.

Moving at night

Sometimes, moving at night is the best choice because, you may live in a part of the world that has traffic jams all day long. This is true if you live in major cities that clog up the highways and other routes in and out of the city. If you have a long journey ahead of you, it will be made even longer by having to stand still in a traffic jam. So moving during the night when the way is clear and you can begin your morning by unpacking, seems logistically and schedule-wise the right decision for some.

Don’t stick to moving house during the day and on a busy weekday. You have options such as these, which can make moving smoother and you’re settling in experience hassle-free.