Ensure There Are No Bumps In The Road During Your House Move

Are you planning on moving house? There are many things to plan and think about before the move can go ahead. Here is a handy guide to the essentials that should be done prior to the move and just after you move in.

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Prior Planning

When you know your move date you should start packing away the items you know you won’t necessarily need before you move. This will save you from doing it all in the days or weeks before the actual moving day. You will also be able to see how many more boxes might be needed for the rest of your stuff if you do bits of packing and here and there momentarily. 

Professional Help

You could decide to do all the packing and moving yourself. With the right people helping you this is possible to do in a day if the move is local. However, if you have decided to use professional help for your move then it is best to get it booked in as soon as possible. Doing this could mean you get a cheaper deal like an early bird offer. You could think about using storage solutions such as SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. when you move so your belongings are kept safe and secure. 

The added benefits of hiring professionals to help with your move are they box everything up for you, label it, stow it in the van, unload it the other end and place the boxes in the appropriate rooms so you can then unpack what you need. 

Thorough Clean

Once you have packed everything up and stacked the boxes ready to be put on the van you will need to do a thorough clean of your old property. You can even go back and do this once the move has been complete. You wouldn’t want to move into a place that is a tip, dirty and grimy so why leave your old property in that state for other people.

If you don’t want to clean the house yourself there is always the option of using a professional cleaning service. They will thoroughly clean your house top to bottom so you don’t have to, this includes any built-in appliances such as the oven/hob. 


If you were renting your house before moving on then you must ensure you leave it how you found it. Any broken parts – fix them, any holes – fill them with a sealer. This should also be the case if you own the house and are selling up to move on. Again, you wouldn’t want to walk into a house in a state of disrepair so why leave yours for someone else to fix themselves. 

Change Locks 

Finally, when you move into your new home ensure you change the locks. You can do this for several reasons including making it feel new and yours.  You should also change the locks because if the old occupiers have kept a copy of the keys they could stroll in at any moment and cause you some grief.