What Pet Is Right For Your Family

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

When it comes to choosing the right pet for your family there are many things to consider. As the saying goes a “pet is for life, not just for Christmas” and that couldn’t be more true. They are a huge responsibility whatever pet you get, but with the right care, dedication and love they undeniably become a part of the family. So which pet suits your family and lifestyle best? Take a look at our guide below.


First on our list is a dog. This is the most popular pet people choose, yes they are cute and a ‘man’s best friend’ but they require so much attention and work. If you are home the majority of the day and have time to go for walks every day then a dog might be for you. Whether you opt for a puppy or a rescue dog they still need your time and patience to be trained and learn how to act in their environment. Before you go and adopt a dog you should do plenty of research about the breed, there is a difference in the temperaments of all types of dogs, a Labrador’s temperament can be completely different to a pomsky puppy. Some require more attention than others so it’s important to be clued up prior to deciding on your new addition to the family.


Getting a cat is very similar to having a dog, they require a little less attention in the fact that they don’t need walking and often like to keep to themselves. If you have young children it is important to integrate any new pet slowly and teach the children not to pull tails and ears. Same as dogs it is important to do your research on the different breeds as some might be more prone to illnesses than others or hold different temperaments. 


If you are thinking you want something a little smaller than a cat or dog then a rodent is a great choice. It is the number one choice for a child’s first pet, as it requires just enough attention to teach your child how to look after a living animal. Choose from hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits. Each animal needs different care so pick one that fits in with your family best.


If you are an eccentric person or are a little bold with your choices then consider picking a reptile as your family pet. Reptiles are made up of lizards and snakes, they need specific care and a lot of research should be done into creating the perfect home for them before you bring one home. They often eat live creatures so if you are on the squeamish side these aren’t the pets for you. 


For an ‘easy’ pet the choice you should make is to buy some fish. They require little care, just the right environment and to be fed and cleaned is all they need. You can even get an automatic food dispenser for when you go away, unlike with every other pet you would need to get a pet sitter. Of course like any other pet different fish have different needs so read up on fish species before buying.