Unique Days Out For Animal Lovers

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Love animals? There are a few obvious ideas when it comes to days out involving animals. Going to the zoo or visiting an aquarium is always a fun day out. Alternatively, you could try looking into farms in your area that are available to visit. 

But what about something a little different? There are a few quirkier options for when you fancy something more unique. Below are just a few great ideas to consider.

Dog show

Dog shows are held throughout the year across the country. It could be worth checking if there’s one local to you coming up in the near future. A canine entertainment show could be a great event for all the family (especially if you love dogs) – this is a great opportunity to watch dogs performing stunts and routines. There are also competitive events that you can attend (you could even consider entering your dog). Throughout summer, you can even find dog-themed festivals. Make sure to book tickets for these events well in advance as they can sell out. 

Horse riding

Another option could be to try some horse riding. This could be a horse riding tour in which you explore a scenic route. Alternatively, it could be a horse riding lesson in which you learn the basics of commanding a horse. Such an activity is great for all the family – many stables will have smaller horses or donkeys for kids to ride. If you’ve never rode a horse, it’s definitely something worth trying. Book in advance in order to secure a slot as such activities can be quite popular.

Cat cafe

Looking for somewhere unique to grab some lunch? A cat cafe could be an option. Cat cafes have become a lot more popular in recent years and can be found in many cities. As the name suggests, they are cafes that are full of free-roaming cats that you can pet and play with. This is obviously a great experience for cat lovers. You usually have to book quite far in advance for these cafes, so bear this in mind. 

Owl walk

This is less of a ‘day’ out and more of a night activity. Owl walks are guided tours in which you can grab the opportunity to spot owls in the wild. They’re regularly held all across the country – usually in rural areas like forests where this is known to be a significant population. Owl walks may be combined with evening birds-of-prey display events in some cases. Look online for owl walks in your area. 

Bug hunt

If you don’t mind bugs and you’ve got young kids, a fun and free idea could be to go on a bug hunt. The aim of a bug hunt is to try and spot as many different bugs as you can. Forests are great places for going on a bug hunt as you can find all kinds of unique bugs here. You could make it a group challenge or a competitive event.