Rustic kitchens are a hodgepodge of materials: worn wood, exposed brick, stainless steel, woven baskets, sturdy stone and wire mesh, to name a few. Mixing a few of these elements against a white or muted background gives a kitchen a used feel that’s conducive to relaxed cooking and comfortable lounging. Here are some particularly stunning rustic kitchens with old world charms and modern-day amenities.

Example 1: This kitchen’s sleek cabinetry and modern light fixture are nicely offset by the weathered brick wall and wooden floor planks.

Example 2: This kitchen exudes old-world charm with its massive, dinged-up island and exposed ceiling beams. One imagines a lot of bread being baked here.

Example 3: The wooden shelves, island and kindling make this kitchen’s serious appliances seem less austere.


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