Remodel or Move – Tips for Choosing

Homeowners whose lifestyles might have changed or be changing might find that the house they thought would be their forever home needs a big upgrade or it is time to move. 

It can be a difficult decision to make because most of the time, when you move, you are behind a lot of memories: first steps, first Christmas, cozy nights on the sofa, and more. But by moving, you can get a house that is more suitable for your needs. 

A home remodeling can give the home you love more space and mean you can stay there for longer. Not to mention, you can often see a better sale price if you do sell it at a later date. 

Photo by Ernie Journeys on Unsplash

Here are some things to consider when trying to decide between the two. 

The real estate market is too expensive.

For those who have a home in a location that has seen a steep price rise and don’t want to move to a new neighborhood, it can be smarter to invest in the property you already have.  

Investing in the current home and adding more space will bump the pierce up. 

Moving costs

Much of the decision is between whether you should be moving home or adding an extension remodeling. Mortgages are expensive, and moving house is costly, too. With all of those starting costs adding up, they can be more expensive than remodeling. 

One of the biggest benefits of the renovation and remodeling process is that you can work within your budget. 

No matter which one you decide, you’ll need to save up, but saving can be tricky when you don’t know where to start: How To Save Money When Moving House

The remodeling cost is too high. 

At a certain point in the cost of a remodel or renovation, the price is high enough to make moving to a home that doesn’t need extra work more of a viable option. The situation may also be that the remodel won’t add any value to the home you currently live in because the rest of the home, or the area, has seen a significant drop in the home value. 

What is most convenient 

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much something costs; what matters is how you feel about it. The convenience of moving into a home that already has everything you need (and hopefully a little bit more). The construction of a remodel can be tough for people with young children and pets – and something that you aren’t prepared for. 

A good way to get around it is to factor in a few nights at a hotel or an Airbnb to the overall price. 

The decision between moving home or remodeling can be difficult, and it is unlikely to be one that you will make in a short time. Many things go into it – and finance might not be the main reason. Think about what your family will be or look like in 5 years time and how your current house will feel.