Terrariums are so hot right now. Unfortunately, pre-made ones cost more than a pretty penny and don’t exactly travel well. The good news is that they are a VERY doable DIY project. Order everything online and make your own on a Sunday afternoon. Get inspirated by these whimsical versions made by Brooklyn-based Twig.


Choose whether you’d like your terrarium to be mossy, like most of the ones by Twig, or if you’d like to feature succulents (the layering and care differs). Once you’ve decided, making your own terrarium is a matter of simple addition. Take a glass container and add:

rocks + dirt + succulents or moss + sand+ a bit of flare

You can go as crazy as you’d like in choosing your glass receptacle, but this 1 gallon jar from Crate and Barrel looks handy for beginners (i.e. removable lid, wide opening for placement purposes) and it’s just $11.95.

Gallon Jar with Lid, $11.95

Don’t have an actual backyard to forage for rocks/dirt/sand in? No problem, thanks to the interwibble. Get Polished River Rocks for $2.99.


Soil for Cacti & Succulents…

Hoffman Organic Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix 10 Quart Bag, $9.99

…and Desert Sand.

Good Earth Organics 14302 Desert Sand, $5.78

It’s advisable to get your moss or succulents at a local greenhouse, but if the trip proves to be too daunting, you can also order online. Try some Living Moss…

Living Moss, $4.49

…or 3 Succulent Plants in Clay Pots.

3 Plants in Clay Pots, $19.99

For flare, pepper in a tiny motorcyclist or postman by ordering model train people.

City People, $9.50

If you’re opting for succulents, layer as followed:

1) Put a layer of rocks on the bottom (several inches)

2) Cover the rocks with soil (half the height of the rock layer, give or take)

3) Place the succulent roots in the soil

4) Add a moderate layer of sand around the succulents for a protective top layer

If it’s mossy terrain you seek, layer as such:

1) Put a layer of rocks on the bottom (several inches)

2) Cover the rocks with an inch or two of soil

3) Arrange the moss over the soil and press down firmly

Care Instructions:

Give the terrarium several hours of direct sunlight each day. For succulent-based terrariums, water every few weeks. For moss-based versions, mist the moss with a water bottle every day. As your terrarium will have no drainage hole, avoid over watering in either case.


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