Coffee table, beer table–whatever you call it, you need one. And no, a cardboard box doesn’t cut it. Rectangular tables tend to work in more spaces than round ones, and you’ll want something high enough that you can perch your feet on it, but not so high that it blocks your view of the boob tube. Whatever you decide, just remember to use a coaster, young man! Here are some we find swell:

Beautifully simple, this Muji aluminum coffee table can weather all sorts of abuse. Available at the MoMA store and a good value at $180.

Aluminum Coffee Table made in Japan by MUJI, $180

This contour rolling table from Target is great for storage or display. $187.49.

Contour Rolling Natural Coffee Table, $187.49

Fan of the distressed look? This grey-weathered farmhouse table is sure to please, and its large drawer provides ample storage space for all of your remotes.

Grey-Weathered Farmhouse Coffee Table, $199.99

If an ottoman and a coffee table were to mate, it would surely produce something like this. Simply place a tray on it any time you need a flat surface for drinks. $199.

Soho Tufted Square Ottoman, $199

The Adair black acrylic coffee table is space-age chic and the footrests double as magazine holders. $247.99.

Adair Black Acrylic Coffee Table, $247.99



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