La-Z-Boys may be deceptively comfortable but boy are they hard on the eyes! A proper man deserves a proper armchair – one that is conducive to lounging, but also screams out to company, “pick me!” when it’s time for a seat. The ultimate armchair is an oversized, weathered leather type, but those are real investment pieces. So until you become a man of leisure, consider these more affordable types, which have heft and stylistic integrity, but also look cushy enough to read a book in.

This regal Manchester Club chair is yet another example of something from that looks much more expensive than its price tag.

Manchester Club Chair, $307.99

The Velvet Club Chair from Target has nice texture and would make a great wingman to just about any couch.

Memphis Velvet Club Chair, $299.99

The Parker Chair from Urban Outfitters looks like just the thing to sip your after-work martini in. And would you look at those legs!

Parker Chair in Timberwolf, $289

Also from Urban Outfitters, the Alfie chair may be lacking arms, but it’s definitely built for lounging.

Alfie Chair, $279

The Smedsta swivel by IKEA is plush and easy to keep clean with its removable, machine washable cover. It also looks like something you’d find in a Stormtrooper’s apartment.

SMEDSTA Swivel chair, $199



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