Very Best Of Design Miami 2022

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photos by Dolly F.

With Miami Art Basel around the corner, we find ourselves reminiscing on last year’s experience. When we checked out all the art fairs in Miami last December, Design Miami was truly one of our favorites. There were so many beautiful and imaginative spaces. Unlike some spaces that feel cold and uninviting, everything here was presented in a warm setting. It was at once relaxing and inspiring to walk through the galleries.

Some of the highlights below!

The Cristina Grajales Gallery: Leopard Skies by Mark Grattan room was giving Scarface in the best way. There needs to be more mirrored and velvet rounded furniture in the world.

Where else will you find a Cindy Sherman jewelry collaboration? We’ve never seen this before, and think this is a prime venue to see artists trying new mediums.

We love when artists experiment outside of what the public expects of them, and this type of work should be getting more exposure, in our humble opinion. More of Cindy Sherman x Lizworks cameo designs can be seen here:

Breathtaking moss sculptures by sculptor Kim Simonsson. Although they were in the back corner, they were one of the highlights of the show.

Sculpture by Kim Simonsson

Thought these chairs would have a soft texture like Gaetano Pesce’s other sculptures! Nonetheless, an excellent collaboration with Bottega Veneta.

Superhouse curator Stephen Markos never fails to dissappoint in his NYC space, and this conceptual bedroom designed by four artists was a hit.

We’re not mad at this Flinstones-inspired chair.

Futuristic shapes were abundant, like this new take on a simple coffee table.

This AGO Projects room was a refreshing and whimsical take on color and shape.

Maison Perrier-Jouët presents Garance Vallée’s ‘Planted Air’ 

USM Modular Furniture presents USM NYC by Ben Ganz, a collaboration with PIN–UP Home

The Tuleste Factory: Through and Through room was a study on blue, proving once again that a monochromatic look never fails. Here, one of our favorite glass pieces.


A welcoming chair at Friedman Benda. Too bad we were not allowed to sit on it.

The disco ball thing has been overdone on social media in our opinion, but this was playful version was a fresh take. It was a hit at the show. Rotganzen’s Various works (2022) at Rademakers Gallery

A tasteful Elvis and Priscilla lamp set.

We are blown away by all of the innovative 3-d printed ideas out there, like this wall sculpture spotted at Design Miami. Can’t wait to see what else is in store in just two months!

Get the Look: The French home of Isabelle Townsend

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In the October 2010 issue of Vogue, I came across a romantic write-up about the new home of Isabelle Townsend (former model for Ralph Lauren) and her husband Patrick DeedesVincke. The cottage, Le Moulin de la Tuilerie in France, was a former weekend home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. I’ve featured the living room from the story and how to get the look below.

The Living Room.

The glossy red cabinet adds the perfect juxtaposition to the natural feel of this room. It’s the perfect balance of color in my opinion, and you can get a similar version at Ikea for $99. Great for storage too:

Ikea PS Cabinet, $99

A rug from West Elm, very similar to the one pictured above increases coziness:

Jute Boucle Rug, $19.99-$159

And finally, the arc lamp modestly ties the room together without taking attention away from the decor. It reminds me of this lamp from IKEA:

Regolit Bow Floor Lamp, $49.99

A fuzzy sheepskin throw makes a casual butterfly chair luxurious and anything but cheap:

Buttefly Chair from, $64.95

Ikea Rens Sheepskin $24.99

For the coffee table, try putting two matching end tables side by side, or a simple elegant table that matches the theme:

Ikea PS Bruse Coffee Table, $149

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my coverage of the other rooms!

10 Old Inherited Possessions That Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

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Pexels. CCO Licensed.

When a loved one passes away, we can often end up inheriting a lot of junk. Sure, some of it is likely to be useful or of sentimental value. However, a lot of it is likely to be of no value to us. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be of value to someone else? Before you start donating items or chucking items away, it could be important to check that there aren’t any hidden valuables. Something as innocuous as a soft toy or a pack of Christmas baubles could fetch a lot of money. Below are just a few different inherited possessions to check the value of.


Certain old books could be valuable – especially if they’re first edition and in good condition. Some first edition copies of popular novels are so rare that they can fetch hundreds of dollars. If you inherited a small library of books, it could be worth valuing them online. There are sites that you can use to value old books using the ISBN number. 


Was your loved one an avid vinyl collector? If so, it could be worth looking through some of the records to see how much they are worth. There are some rare first pressings of records that are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Even a few records valued at $30 each can add up and be worth selling. 


Some old toys including beanie babies, board games and action figures are now worth a huge amount of money because of their rarity. Such toys are typically more valuable if they’re still in the box. It could be worth checking if there are any old toys or board games among your inherited belongings that never made it out of the box – some of them could be worth a fortune now. 


Many of us inherit jewelry belonging to parents, grandparents and even older ancestors. It’s possible that you could have some valuable antique jewelry in your possession – if you’re willing to sell it, you could potentially make hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Seek the opinion of an expert to see if any of your inherited jewelry is worth anything. 


A lot of households used to collect silverware including silver plated cutlery and silver dishes. Some of this silverware could be quite valuable and worth researching. It’s worth noting that the quality of silver is more to do with the craftsmanship and condition than the silver content – a large silverware collection that is damaged or poorly made may not be worth much. 

Fine china

Did your loved ones own any fine china pieces? These items could also be worth a lot of money – particularly if made from fine bone china or made by a renowned manufacturer. Your best option when valuing china items is to talk to an expert. They will be able to authenticate it and determine its worth. 

Rotary phones

Rotary phones have largely disappeared from homes, but they’ve made a comeback in recent years as a collector’s item. If your loved ones owned a rotary phone and kept it in good condition, there’s a chance it could be worth a lot of money. Some original rotary phones are even worth hundreds of dollars. 


Don’t throw away that old toolbox. Many old tools that have been kept in good condition are also prized by collectors. This includes old hammers, drills and wrenches. Specialist rare tools can be particularly valuable – even if they may not have a use today, they could be seen as an exciting piece of history by some people. Matching sets of old tools can also be worth a lot of money.


It’s also worth valuing old artwork. While it’s unlikely your loved one had an original Monet painting on their wall, there’s still a chance that some of those old paintings may have been painted by someone who is now famous. Old paintings of locations that have since changed could be valuable to some locals. If you’ve got any old paintings of locations and you don’t want to keep onto them, consider selling them. 

Xmas ornaments

Old Xmas ornaments that have been passed through the generations could also potentially be valuable. This could include old baubles or an angel. There are collectors that look out for these decorations in the lead up to Christmas. If you have some old ornaments that you don’t want to hang on your tree, why not get them valued? They could be worth more than you think.

How To Create A Themed Aesthetic In Your Home On A Budget

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Creating a themed aesthetic in your home can certainly help to transport you to a whole different location as soon as you step through your front door, but it might seem like a fairly expensive feat to achieve. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be the case, as this guide contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to create the perfect themed interior design without having to spend an absolute fortune in the process! So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on. 

Image Source – Pexels 

Visit Auctions, Estate Sales & Markets 

One of the best ways to find a whole host of bargain themed items that you can fill your home with involves visiting auctions, estate sales, markets and other similar settings! You can no doubt source some real bargains when you visit an auction, as you can bid as much as you’re willing to spend and go no further than this amount. Estate sales are also ideal places for great decor that’s being sold for a fair price, as the owners will likely be searching for quick sales on all items due to the fact that estate sales generally last no longer than a few days. Markets are often filled to the brim with unique and themed items that you can invest in to build your home’s new aesthetic, as you’ll probably be able to barter with the vendor to get a better price if you have the confidence! There are always interesting and individual shopping opportunities that you can make the most of when searching for themed furniture and fittings, as even places like galleries and museums are changing their stock thanks to new age adaptations on cultural sensitivity inspired by experts like Freddi Wald, so you might even be able to find a historical piece to finish off your themed aesthetic if you search hard enough. 

Don’t Forget About DIY 

When it comes to themed aesthetics, it can be common that the items you want or need are only made on an individual basis and therefore cost a lot more than you can afford. However you should not be dismayed, as this simply suggests that it’s an item that can be handmade – by you! DIY is always a brilliant option when you’re decorating and need to save money, as doing things yourself can actually cost you as little as a quarter of the price as paying someone else to do it for you! You can even perform other decorating tasks on your own such as painting walls or applying wallpaper, as such skills are easy to learn yet a new wall aesthetic can totally transform your home’s theme and feel! Don’t forget about DIY if you want to save some cash during your themed renovation work.

Creating a themed aesthetic in your home when you’re attempting to stick to a tight budget has never been such a simple task when you can take the opportunity to make the most of the effective ideas and recommendations that have been carefully described above!


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