Attractive Log Burners For Every Interior Style

Log burners are among the most attractive accessories you can add to your home. Nothing else has such power to make you feel comfortable and cozy, particularly in the winter. 

In this post, we take a look at several attractive log burner styles you could install in your living room. 


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This is a classical log burner that works with regularly-sized dried woodblocks. You can see that it has tools at the bottom for adjusting the embers, plus a flue from the top to remove the smoke. 

You can place wood burners in a hearth, as the owner of this one does. Or you can install them as standalone units with a surrounding shroud. 

Inset Fireplaces

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This log burner is very different from what you traditionally see in most people’s homes. Here the owner has built the furnace itself back into the wall and then constructed a hearth surround made of baked bricks. 

The overall feel of this design is rustic. But if you build one yourself, you could create a more contemporary finish. 

Wood Effect

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What if you don’t want to collect and burn wood. In that case, you can get heating installers to fit a gas equivalent that creates a similar effect. This example is shaped very much like a typical widescreen television and is inset into the wall. The heat from the flames escapes through small vents at the top. 

The great thing about this burner is that the electric version doesn’t require a flue. So you don’t have to modify your home in any way to fit it. Plus, when you move, you can bring it with you easily. 


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Some property owners prefer modern-styled wood burners. These work in precisely the same way as traditional versions, except they have a modern aesthetic. This example, for instance, features a round chamber instead of the more common rectangular versions. 

The great thing about this furnace is that you can put it in any room with an outside wall. In this example, the owner has put it in a mudroom, but there are plenty of other locations you could use, including boot rooms, utility rooms, and even bedrooms. 

The burner can stand alone without a shroud because the body of the unit features substantial insulation. Theoretically, you could touch it without burning your hand. The heat from the flames escapes through vents in the top of the unit passively, with all the toxic fumes leaving via the vent. C


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The owners of this furnace have actually built it into the room itself. It sits in a kind of brick alcove with a concrete floor separated from the main body of the room. This approach is popular among property owners who want to get the benefits of a stove without risky it damaging the rest of their furniture

So which of these attractive stoves, furnaces, and log burners will you choose for your home?