4 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Furniture in Your New Home

Home moving can be quite an overwhelming exercise; there’s so much to do, from moving to unpacking and decorating your new place. 40% of US study participants asserted that home buying is most tedious in modern times, while 44% indicated they feel nervous throughout the entire process. While everything from your old home may not fit into your new place, there are a few others you can make good use of without spending so much. If you’re willing to get creative, here are four ways to use your old furniture in your new home. 

  1. Try various furniture layouts

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When you visualize some rooms in your mind, you tend to envision a particular furniture design in your living room. You may imagine your new place with a classy couch, two chairs, and a loveseat, for example, but that isn’t the only functional setup. Just like every home space, your furniture has its own potentials and limitations. You can attempt several furniture layouts in real life or try pencil sketches to identify what’ll work in your new place. Sorting out where the furniture fits best will offer you further insight on what parts you’ll have to include, move or take out to create your desired room design. 

  1. Make the best of the mess 

Your moving cost can be much higher when you have to move heavier or larger belongings such as furniture over long distances. Therefore, before you hire a moving service, you may have to decide what you’re keeping or eliminating. But what if you can strip and reassemble some items to create a new avatar? Before choosing to dispose of old furniture, check whether you can dismantle and assemble it into a new piece for your home. 

You can make do with the wood from the old pantry to create a small shelf or convert your big old dining table into a work or study desk. This way, you get the charm of the old wood for your home décor and a smart cash-saving strategy too. 

  1. Save your chair 

There’s always that space for the old chair in your home corner; this adds extra seats to your home while creating a nostalgic feeling. Whether it’s old or not, don’t dispose of a comfortable seat, as you can repair, reupholster and use it again. However, if you’re a DIYer, there are several ways you can repurpose your old chair, including making a storage box, an open-air seat, a writing slate for your sidewalk, a beverage stand, or an outdoor swing.  

  1. Transform your old mattress into a daybed

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If you consider buying a new bed, let’s say, a bigger one, your old mattress can still come in handy. You can reuse your old beddings to make a daybed which can be a great fit for your den or home office. You can either purchase a minimalist bed framework or utilize the old one and mount it against the wall. If you have to buy, pick one with sides and heap in a few pillows for a relaxing couch or an extra bed for guests.