Fashion Tips: How To Get More For Your Money When You Shop

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Fashion is a multi-trillion dollar industry. People spend far too much money on shopping. Half of it they sometimes don’t even wear. Making better fashion and shopping choices will be beneficial for your finances. You don’t have to stop shopping. Instead, all you need to do is make better choices. Here is how to get more for your money when you shop.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay 

Shop vintage

Vintage clothing is the best way to get designer or quality goods for a cheaper price. Although they will be pre-loved, they will likely be in good condition. You can save money and still attain the goods. 

For instance, if you enjoy wearing vintage military outerwear, then you might want to consider sourcing buzz rickson clothes. These reflect the original items as closely as possible while being in top condition. 

Set a budget

You don’t want to be spending your monthly budget on new clothes. Instead, you should set a strict amount so that you only spend what you can afford to.

Being sensible with how much you spend will make better purchase decisions. Instead of purchasing clothes aimlessly, you will likely question whether you actually need them. If a random dress doesn’t fit within your budget along with that shirt you need for work, then you will have to make the right decision. 

Buy basics

It is common to spend money on things that you don’t actually need and won’t get worn. Or, you might wear it once. 

Instead, you can make wiser financial decisions when you purchase basic clothing. These can be worn multiple times and in multiple ways. Items such as neutral trousers and basic t-shirts are versatile and a much better choice than a maxi dress that is only suitable for special occasions. 

Shop out of season

When you shop the new-in pieces, you will likely be paying way more than you need to. Retailers are clever and increase prices because they know people will pay the money. 

However, if you shop out of season you will likely find cheaper prices or even better, discounts. When you shop out of season, retailers will drop the prices and often offer sales so that they can get rid of the stock. 

Shop at outlets

Another smart way to save money on clothes is by shopping at outlets. There, you will find the last season items for a fraction of the price. 

Some retailers have online outlets to make saving money even easier. 

Stay away from trends

Although it is fun getting involved with fashion trends, they can cost you a lot of money. You might wear the piece for a month and then not be interested in it anymore. You will waste a lot of money giving into fashion trends. 

Instead, decide if the trend is timeless and whether or not you will get much use out of it. If not, then stay well away. You can save yourself a lot of money and time by wearing timeless pieces that you can easily style and get a lot of use out of. 

Ensure There Are No Bumps In The Road During Your House Move

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Are you planning on moving house? There are many things to plan and think about before the move can go ahead. Here is a handy guide to the essentials that should be done prior to the move and just after you move in.

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Prior Planning

When you know your move date you should start packing away the items you know you won’t necessarily need before you move. This will save you from doing it all in the days or weeks before the actual moving day. You will also be able to see how many more boxes might be needed for the rest of your stuff if you do bits of packing and here and there momentarily. 

Professional Help

You could decide to do all the packing and moving yourself. With the right people helping you this is possible to do in a day if the move is local. However, if you have decided to use professional help for your move then it is best to get it booked in as soon as possible. Doing this could mean you get a cheaper deal like an early bird offer. You could think about using storage solutions such as SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. when you move so your belongings are kept safe and secure. 

The added benefits of hiring professionals to help with your move are they box everything up for you, label it, stow it in the van, unload it the other end and place the boxes in the appropriate rooms so you can then unpack what you need. 

Thorough Clean

Once you have packed everything up and stacked the boxes ready to be put on the van you will need to do a thorough clean of your old property. You can even go back and do this once the move has been complete. You wouldn’t want to move into a place that is a tip, dirty and grimy so why leave your old property in that state for other people.

If you don’t want to clean the house yourself there is always the option of using a professional cleaning service. They will thoroughly clean your house top to bottom so you don’t have to, this includes any built-in appliances such as the oven/hob. 


If you were renting your house before moving on then you must ensure you leave it how you found it. Any broken parts – fix them, any holes – fill them with a sealer. This should also be the case if you own the house and are selling up to move on. Again, you wouldn’t want to walk into a house in a state of disrepair so why leave yours for someone else to fix themselves. 

Change Locks 

Finally, when you move into your new home ensure you change the locks. You can do this for several reasons including making it feel new and yours.  You should also change the locks because if the old occupiers have kept a copy of the keys they could stroll in at any moment and cause you some grief. 

When Should You Move House and Why?

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Moving house is a necessity in life. You have to move around, find out which communities fit your personality and lifestyle, as well as, move around for work purposes. If you find that you are stressed about moving house, maybe it’s not the act itself but the way you are going about it. Moving house is a complex procedure, where lots of things have to align at the same time. The big question is, when should you move house? Should it be on the weekend? Should it be at night? Should it be on a national holiday? Or could you move house when you have the majority of your friends and family in town to help?

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Weekday vs weekend

Weekdays seem like a great time to move but this often clashes with your work schedule. You may say that getting time off work will solve the issue, but you will have work to catch up on, on the weekend. If you don’t have your internet ready at your new home, this could be putting you behind schedule. However on the weekend you might be feeling particularly tired or you may have other errands to do. Finding the right day is not so straightforward. Did you know that the majority of people say that Friday is the ideal day to move house? It makes sense, you have the weekend to set things up, Friday is usually a day that can be a finishing day of projects and tasks, and so you may have more time than normal to get moving.

The whole team

Some say that moving day should be done when you have people to help you. Getting the whole team of your family and friends over for one last day in the neighborhood is a great idea. You can all enjoy breakfast together, have lunch and pack all throughout the day. However, if you don’t have a moving squad what do you do? You can go with a specialist moving company like North American Van Lines who have a huge team of employees that have been trained to handle any kind of object, whether it’s made out of delicate crystal, ceramic, wood or metal. They can pack everything up for you, as well as provide packing guides for various objects.

Moving at night

Sometimes, moving at night is the best choice because, you may live in a part of the world that has traffic jams all day long. This is true if you live in major cities that clog up the highways and other routes in and out of the city. If you have a long journey ahead of you, it will be made even longer by having to stand still in a traffic jam. So moving during the night when the way is clear and you can begin your morning by unpacking, seems logistically and schedule-wise the right decision for some.

Don’t stick to moving house during the day and on a busy weekday. You have options such as these, which can make moving smoother and you’re settling in experience hassle-free.

Looking after your outdoor furniture

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It’s the time of year when we all migrate outside to FINALLY enjoy the sun. Every year it seems like summer can’t come soon enough, but there is nothing worse than having to unpack and clean all the outside furniture. 

Food on Brown Wooden Table With Chairs and Plates

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That first look at all your expensive outside belongings can be tentative as you look for any damage the winter weather has brought to your furniture. Seeing how many critters have made homes in your cushions is something we all detest! 

Sometimes though, with the best will in the world, out end of summer pack up hasn’t always gone to plan. We all mean to make sure covers are on and our items will be protected, but it’s always the way that a cover will have split and the wet weather has got in. Next thing you know, it’s a year on and you want to sit on the nice chairs and use your posh BBQ and it’s damaged! We all know that feeling of dread when you find the damage and have to assess what can be done to fix it. 

Wooden terrace with green trees and tables located near lake preparing for festive romantic party in nature under blue sky

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All is not lost. There are multiple ways to fix these expensive items without breaking the bank, which is what we like to hear!

Outdoor furniture cleaners are an inexpensive way of restoring water-stained wood. You can pick these up relatively cheaply online or in local hardware stores. Depending on the severity of the damage you can usually just re-stain the wood. However if it does need a proper clean, make sure you read the instructions as these cleaners can be abrasive, so try the cleaner on the underside of the wood to make sure it doesn’t make the staining any worse. 

Metal items are more than likely to go rusty with the winter weather. Even sometimes if they are properly covered, water and dew can still get in and erode these items. The first step would be giving your metal items and wash with a smooth cloth. This is so you don’t continue to take the top layers off and leave the metal exposed, which could make the problem worse. Many anti-rust paints and anti-rust treatments are available on the internet to stop the rust from spreading and repair the damage. Grilling meat cutlets on barbecue grate

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If there is rust inside the BBQ, a simple strategy of turning the BBQ on to burn the bad bits off will help before following the anti-rust treatments will help. Make sure you wait until the BBQ is cold before using any cleaning or treatments. It is also important to make sure the treatment is food-safe as there is nothing worse than chemical tasting burgers!

Both of these options are fairly low cost and would save a lot of money when fixing expensive items. However, in the long term, it is probably best to invest in a long term solution. A sturdy tarp in a dry place would be the best option. Brumleve have a huge selection of tarps that are affordable and come with any attachments you may need. They have been an established company for many years and that must show just how excellent their products are!

Home Checks That You Should Turn Into a Habit

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Every now and then, we encounter a home-related issue that turns into a massive problem over time because we neglected to perform regular maintenance. For example, roof-related issues can lead to leaking, structural issues, and even pest infestations. If you’re not careful about maintaining your home then it may lead to expensive repairs in the future. This is why it’s important to turn regular home checks into a habit, and here are some of the most important ones to consider.

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Inspect your roof regularly, especially if you haven’t done so for a long time

If you haven’t inspected your roof for a while then it helps to perform regular maintenance. Even a visual inspection is a good idea because you’ll at least get to see the current state of your roof. If you notice that your roof is falling apart and there are tiles missing then you may want to have it checked professionally. If there are pieces of your roof falling off, then it’s usually not a good sign and you should try and do something about it sooner than later.

Clean out any air ducts and make sure your air conditioning system works correctly

You’d be surprised at how much dirt, dust and grime your air conditioning system can pick up over a long period of time. If you’re constantly using your air conditioner in the summer to cool your home then your air ducts can quickly gather dust over time. These ducts eventually need to be cleaned or else it will reduce the efficiency of your system. This makes it more expensive to run your air conditioner and you might find yourself spending more to cool your home each summer.

This is why it’s a good idea to consider home air duct cleaning if you want to keep your air conditioning system working correctly. This might also affect your heating system in the winter, so it’s never a bad time to get it inspected. We suggest having a professional inspect your system once every year if it’s in constant use.

Inspect any plumbing issues that you might encounter

If you want to save money at home then it’s incredibly important to take better care of your utilities. A great example of this would be your plumbing. It’s one of the most important systems in your home because it carries water to your home while also flushing away wastewater. Because it’s such an important utility that we rely on every day, it’s vital that you maintain it and take notice of any issues even if you don’t think they’re pressing matters that need to be dealt with right now.

For instance, a leaking tap is something that doesn’t usually indicate a huge problem, but it can be a sign that there is a plumbing issue somewhere that will only get worse over time. If you’re serious about protecting your home, then make it a habit to check any utility issues before they grow into serious issues.


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