Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Autumn

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Home pests are not only an issue in the summer when the garden is bursting with gnawing bugs and flying insects, but it’s also a problem when the air starts to cool, and some of these animals make their way indoors for warmth and refuge. So now is the best time to prepare your home so that it’s unappealing to the fall and winter pests that can be hard to remove otherwise.   

Keep the Yard Clean 

Mulch and compost are excellent for your garden and the environment, but they can attract bugs and insects, especially in the fall. At this time of year, there is more mulch and wet leaves in the garden than usual. 

To prevent bug infestations and the need for a cockroach exterminator, clean up all the wet leaves and common fall debris that lands in your garden. The idea is to limit the places where bugs and insects can settle and turn your house into their home.      

Trim Trees and Bushes

It’s easy to forget about trees and bushes around your home. They can be awkward to trim and maintain, and since they don’t usually cause issues, people tend to miss the best opportunities to trim them back – but trees and bushes can cause pest issues. 

Branches that are close to your home or roof make it easiest for small rodents to leap onto our roof and find their way into your attic for the winter. These branches can also cause storm damage when the weather starts to change.   

Inspect the Basement 

Fall is a transitional time between summer and winter, the air starts to cool, and winds pick up, forcing small rodents and insects to seek shelter. One of the best places for them to find refuge is in the basement and crawlspaces of your home. 

At this time of year, it’s a good idea to take a flashlight and make your way into the basement and crawlspace of your home; you’re looking for signs of nesting and small lines of ants or cockroaches.  

Keep Food in Storage 

One of the reasons bugs, insects, and rodents are attracted to your home is the warmth and security of the basements or attic – the other reason is the food. Unfortunately, unwanted intruders are very good at gnawing through plastic bags and unsecured containers. 

To narrow the chances of intruders finding food in your home, use plastic containers to store grains, cereals, and pet foods. Ensure the lids are also well sealed so that pests are not attracted to any smells and can’t gain access. 

Repair Your Home 

Many bugs and fall pests, like silverfish, love moisture-rich environments. They revel in the moisture and humidity of your bathroom or kitchen, so it’s a good idea to clean up any moisture and repair any leaks and pipes. 

It’s a good idea to repair your home in this way during the fall because it protects your home from insects and bugs while also preparing your home for winter. In the winter, these water leaks can freeze, causing more damage to pipes and water supplies.