How To Maintain Your Roof

When you own your own home, it can feel as though the upkeep is never-ending. The biggest disasters that come from not maintaining your home as you well as could, however, can be avoided. Taking care of your roof is one of these essential tasks and upgrades to make sure that you maintain good repair. Following these roof maintenance tips can help you to avoid having to pay for expensive damage repairs. 

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Quick Tips

  • Never walk directly on your roof. Always use a ladder and take plenty of notes as you look around your home to check the roof. 
  • Call a professional to make any checks, if you don’t feel safe doing it yourself. Having a roofer to do the work for you is always the safest and easiest approach.
  • If you don’t like heights, stand back, and check the roof with binoculars.
  • If you spot any problem areas, don’t put off dealing with the issue.


Shingles are a good indicator of how your roof is doing. If there are shingles missing, and you can see any signs of curling, cupping, or chipped and buckled shingles, you know have a problem that needs an emergency roof repair. These problems mean it is time to call a professional. Granules from your shingles are another sign of trouble. Some granules will naturally come off over time and find their way into your gutters, but if they’re piling up, or your roof is becoming uneven and spotty from the loss of these grains, then your roof is getting near the end of its life. These are red flags for much bigger problems forming and are a sign that your roof is ageing, and you should think about replacing the shingles. 

Chimneys And Flashings

Chimneys are another common place for water to get in. Check the flashing and make sure none of it has peeled away, or become dislodged or damaged. Skylights are easy to notice when they’re leaking, as you’ll notice the water getting inside almost immediately. If you can tell where the water is coming from, deal with it immediately. Vents should also be looked over to make sure that no sealant has cracked or peeled away. Any structure that penetrates through your roof and needs to be sealed to prevent leaks should be maintained and checked. These are common weak points in the rook that could let in water.

Eaves And Guttering

Cleaning your gutters is an important task to get done in the spring and fall. If debris can gather in the gutters, it will stop water from getting to your downspouts. It can soak into the roof and cause rot. This kind of damage is very expensive to fix. 

If you don’t feel confident about cleaning your gutters yourself, you can hire a roof maintenance professional to do it for you. If you do it yourself, make sure you wear gloves and use proper access equipment. Don’t try to clean gutters with your bare hands. Sweep out leaves and other debris away from the downspout and then rinse the gutters with a high-pressure hose towards the downspout. Remember to dispose of the debris safely and responsibly too.