Getting Your Home Ready for Summer: 5 Minor Renovation Projects To Start Now

Image: Freepik 

The summer season is just around the corner and, with it, endless opportunities to invite your friends and family members for brunch, host a dinner party, or spend time with your little ones in the garden. But if any of these events are in your schedule, it is important to boost the efficiency and livability of your home – for your guests and your family alike! 

If you are looking to spruce up your home on a budget, some minor renovation projects can have a profound impact on your home environment. In this guide, we’ll look at the home upgrades that offer the highest returns – both in terms of value and livability. Let’s get started!

Upgrade Your Kitchen

One of the best renovations you could focus on is a kitchen upgrade. Renovating the kitchen can be expensive, but you can improve the function and value of your kitchen with minor touch-ups and aesthetic improvements. 

Start by deep cleaning the kitchen and investing in new Kitchen Cabinets. You may also upgrade your appliances for more energy-efficient ones, and add features designed to boost the safety and functionality of your kitchen, such as an island and induction hobs. 

If you are renovating on a budget, working with a specialized kitchen designer can help. 

Turn the Garden Into a Private Oasis 

Next up, focus on your garden or outside area! You can upgrade your green space with a minor investment, but this project can yield endless benefits, from improving the value of your home to providing your family with space for exercise and entertainment. Plus, taking on gardening as a hobby can boost your mental and physical health!

Some projects that can improve your garden include the following:

  • Build a custom deck
  • Plant summer and evergreen plants and shrubs
  • Use outdoor furniture to create a seating area or reading nook
  • Add climbing plants and a trellis for privacy, insulation, and noise reduction
  • Add lighting 
  • Consider investing in a heater or fireplace 
  • Add a play area for your little ones

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Some of the renovations with the highest monetary returns are minor upgrades that focus on improving your home’s curb appeal. 

These include inspecting the roof, keeping the gutters clean, replacing your garage door, or painting your home’s door and exterior. With summer on our doorstep, you may also consider cleaning glass features and upgrading your wood or vinyl windows. 

Build a Home Office of Gym 

If you have a home in your home that is underused or inefficient, consider looking at your current lifestyle and understand your needs. 

For example, if you have started to work from home, or you prefer to work out in a private space, you may look at the benefits of building a home office or gym. These renovations are a great option to make your livable square footage more suitable to your family’s lifestyle. 

Take a Minimalist Approach to Decor 

Last but not least, focus on your home’s interior! Decluttering can give your home a modern and contemporary feel. But, even more importantly, a minimalist approach can help you create a home that is healthier and easier to clean throughout the year. Plus, this style is timeless and visually impressive!