Dog Owners: 6 Fun Games You Can Play With Your Furry Friend During COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has halted lots of activities due to government restrictions, such as lockdowns and social distance rules meant to curb the spread of the virus. However, self-isolation does not have to affect your relationship with your furry friend. COVID-19 is likely to have limited the fun you have with your dog. However, there are still many games you can enjoy together, even when self-isolating.

You do not want to leave your dog bored. When this happens, your pet may start showing undesirable characteristics, such as chewing your stuff. In contrast, playing with your dog keeps them away from destructive behaviors. Hence, it is a great way to have fun with your furry friend.

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Here are excellent indoor games you can enjoy with your dog during the COVID-19 period.

Fetch it

Does your dog like fetching stuff around the house? This can be an excellent opportunity to have fun together. You need a small ball or any other object that fits in the dog’s mouth for this game. Alternatively, you can use a big ball, which your pet can roll. You will need to throw the object some distance then ask your dog to fetch it for you.

Additionally, if your dog knows various stuff by their names, consider asking him to fetch them one by one. This can also be a great way to train your dog in some basic commands. For instance, if your dog does not love fetching, try training first. Use phrases such as “pick it up,” “bring it here,” “drop it,” etc. You may want to give granola to your dog or any other treat as an encouragement after a successful fetch.

Treat/treasure hunt

Dogs have 45 more scent receptors than humans, making them one of the best animals when it comes to smelling objects. This is an excellent opportunity to train your furry friend to sharpen his sniffing abilities. All you need for this game is to collect some containers and have them placed upside down. Buy your dog’s favorite treat and place it beneath one container. Lastly, ask your dog to find which container has the treat. If he finds it, congratulate him by letting him have the food.

Equally, you can play the treasure hunt with different objects. Moreover, you do not need food for all kinds of the hunt. Try using a different object and see if your dog can identify it. For instance, you should consider using a snuffle mat to sharpen your dog’s sense of smell.

Obedience training

Training your dogs on basic commands can also be an enjoyable game for the two of you. Besides, obedience training is one of the best ways to have fun with your dog indoors during this period of Covid-19. Whether it is for pleasure or enhancing your dog’s skills, this activity is so engaging.

Consider using simple commands such as sit down for starters. If your dog is more advanced on such matters, try more complex commands such as fetching objects around the house.

Obstacle course

Another enjoyable indoor game for dogs is the obstacle course. With this game, you need your dog to jump over obstacles. It is also a great way of training your dog to keep him physically fit.

The obstacle course will help you drive away boredom. For this game, you will want to plant obstacles around the house then ask your dog to follow the trail with obstacles. When he reaches where there are obstacles, he will jump over them. You can use a stack of books or pile boxes up.

Alternatively, you can use a set of cones for the obstacle course. However, you will need to consider the size and abilities of your dog.

Tug of war

If your dog loves a game of tug, this will be a great way to exercise indoors. Accordingly, this can be an opportunity to teach your dog some self-control. For instance, you can add rules to the game to determine when your furry friend pulls and when to stop.

Fun with toys

Teach your furry friend the names of his toys. After the dog has mastered them, ask them to pick them up as you name each. You can make it more challenging by hiding the toys and asking your dog to find them.

The Bottom Line

There are no shortages of engaging indoor games to enjoy with your furry friend. Ensure you make the most of every activity and use it to train your dog. You need your furry friend in his top condition because exercise can strengthen your dog’s immunity. So, why not use these games to improve your dog’s overall health and have fun.