A Well Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog

If you want to make sure you raise a happy dog, you’re going to need to put the time and effort into training them. While it takes a lot of effort and consistency, it’s so worth it. Your dog will better understand the hierarchy of the house, and they will know that you’re the boss. If they don’t receive the training they need to thrive, they could end up with issues like anxiety, as well as behavioural issues that make everybody miserable. 

Here are some pointers to help you train your dog and keep them happy:

Consider Investing in A Pro Trainer 

If you’re not sure you can commit to the training properly, it may be best to invest in a professional trainer. This will help your dog to get off to the best possible start – teaching them while they are young can make a huge difference. Look for somebody reputable. Even a few sessions could help, and they can take a look at how you are with the dog and give you pointers. 

Use Treats The Right Way

Special treats, like those from Petness.com, are a great way to train your dog and keep them learning. Just remember that if you give them too soon or too late and they won’t learn, so timing is key. 


Get Into A Good Routine With Them

Having a routine is important for both dogs and people. Feeding them at the same times each day and taking them out at similar times can be a great way to keep them happy and ensure they are in the best state of mind to learn. 

Socialize Them With Other Dogs 

Socializing your dog with other dogs can be a good way to get them used to behaving around other animals. Just remember that this can depend on your dog, as well as the other dogs. Some dogs don’t like being around other dogs/animals, so it’s important to keep this in mind. 

Don’t Feed Them From Your Plate

Feeding your dog off your plate can make them prone to begging. They may even try to sneak food off your plate when you’re not looking! 

Make Sure You’re Consistent With Rules and Ways of Training

You should be on the same page as the whole family when it comes to training, and this will ensure total consistency and the best results. Your dog should know the hierarchy if they are going to behave. 

Invest In The Right Training Equipment

A good lead and collar are essentials. Just be very wary, as certain harnesses can be bad for their posture. Choke chains are archaic and very bad for your dog, and they teach them nothing, so avoid these like the plague, too. The right training equipment will ensure a happy, healthy dog for life. 

Are you willing to put the effort in to train your dog correctly and ensure their happiness? If not, it may be worth reconsidering your decision to get one. Thanks for reading!