7 Easy Winter Home Cleaning Tips

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

Winter home cleaning is just as essential as any other time of the year, if not more. There are hazards and issues that come with the season. However, it is fairly easy to keep up a routine with regular vacuuming, and it’s also an ideal time to grab a squeegee and clean the windows.

Play it Safe with Some Jobs

Winter can be dangerous because of the increased chance of slipping on ice and decayed leaves. While some jobs are fun in the summer, they aren’t really the best for safety when the weather is much colder. These include patio and decking cleaning, for example. Cleaning these is best left to a pressure washing company with trained professionals who are able to carry out these jobs safely. It’s also a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to get the fire ready for winter.

Use the Vacuum for Winter Home Cleaning

Vacuuming should be part of any regular cleaning schedule because it is so effective at removing dust and other dangerous things around the home. Dust and allergens build up all over the place, especially in the most used rooms. High-usage rooms, such as the living room, should be vacuumed at least twice per week. But a good routine is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, especially if you have children and/or pets, which contribute more dust and dander.

Don’t Forget the Radiators/HVAC

Keeping your radiators clean is essential in winter. These often get overlooked, and the amount of dust that can accumulate is horrendous. When they are switched on, the heat can cause dust to come loose, where it will settle in the room. Radiator cleaning pipes are very cheap and last forever. However, there is also another reason to clean radiators in winter. Dusty radiators don’t work as well and can’t distribute heat efficiently, causing higher heating bills in winter.

Focus on the Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is the highest traffic area of the home because it’s where people come and go. And this means debris from outside will be trekked into your home, so keep it clean:

  • Buy doormats (inside and out) to get rid of mud, rain, and snow.
  • Use a boot tray or shoe rack to make sure debris isn’t trekked inside.
  • Ask family and friends to remove their shoes before entering your home.
  • Use steam cleaners and vacuums more often in a dog-friendly home.
  • Use sectional doors if you have them installed between hallway areas.

If you have children or a lot of visitors, then you must pay attention to the hall area. Steam cleaners will help kill any germs from outside, such as dog poop brought in on shoes.

Clear Fallen Leaves from Your Paths

Falling leaves are a joy to watch in autumn as the season changes. However, as winter approaches, these can become a hazard. Fallen leaves attract pests and bugs, which can be hazardous alone. But they also decay and become very slippery. Of course, combined with ice, this is potentially a very dangerous thing. A slip or fall can break bones and cause you to miss work. Not what you need when you have upcoming holidays to attend with family and friends.

Do the Windows when Winter Home Cleaning

Cleaning windows is a challenging part of home maintenance but is essential for getting the best view of the outside. It is recommended that you clean the windows around twice per year. But this can be more if you live in a rainy area or near the sea where seaspray clings to the glass. However, it is, of course, cold, and cleaning the windows in winter is unappealing. But winter is an ideal time because the decreased sunlight is less likely to cause streaks on the outside.

Don’t forget to Deep Clean High Use Areas

Deep cleaning is essential for a safe and hygienic home. And it is no more essential than during winter. Winter is a joyous time of year, but it brings some rather nasty things. For example, cold and flu. This means that any high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, are potential breeding grounds for germs. And don’t forget to let fresh air into your home during winter. The higher moisture and heat of winter with windows closed are ideal conditions for growing mold.


It helps to use professionals for some winter home cleaning jobs, such as cleaning the patio. Yet you can focus on areas like the entrance hall, bathroom, and kitchen. This will help keep germs and bacteria to a minimum, and ventilating the home properly will reduce the chance of mold.