5 Easy DIY Jewelry Crafts To Try

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Some types of jewelry take quite a bit of skill to craft. They may also require specialist tools. However, not all jewelry has to be complicated. In fact there are some items of jewelry that are very easy to make (and yes, it’s the type of jewelry you’ll actually want to wear). Below are just 5 examples of easy DIY jewelry crafts to try. 

Bead jewelry

Crafting bead jewelry is a simple case of feeding beads onto a string. Of course there are more intricate forms of bead jewelry that you can work your way up to, but you don’t have to do anything too complex for bead jewelry to look good. There are bead jewelry kits aimed at beginners that you can buy with a variety of beads in. From here, you can look into other types of beads such as these silicone focal beads for when you want to make a statement price or even bead gemstones for when you want to make something a little lavis. Types of bead jewelry include bracelets, necklaces, anklets and brooches. 

Tassel pendants

Tassel pendants are basically threads suspended from a cord. They’re very easy to make as this DIY tassel jewelry guide demonstrates. Materials you can use include silk, leather, ribbons, cotton or even suede. These can make fun DIY earrings and necklaces, or they can also be attached to handbags as a stylish accessory. Choose tassel materials that match outfits in your wardrobe – such as tan leather tassels to match a favorite pair of tan leather boots. 

Clay pendants

Clay pendants are another easy DIY form of jewelry to try. Making ceramic clay at home is surprisingly easy – you can do it in any regular oven. You also don’t have to craft anything too complex – a simple painted clay disc with a hole in it for the string can make for a striking pendant. Clay can be painted in various colors including all kinds of funky patterns. It can also be formed into all kinds of shapes. You can check out some clay necklace ideas here

Button brooch

Button brooches are cute brooches made out of buttons. These are a great way to upcycle buttons from old shirts and jackets, often creating a charming vintage look. Button brooches are very easy to make – all you really need is buttons, a brooch pin and a glue gun. You’ll find lots of fun button brooch designs online including fun flower shapes and unique colored patterns. 

Quilled earrings

Quilling involves wrapping thin strips of paper into stylish coil shapes. This craft technique may look fiddly, but it’s actually surprisingly easy. It also doesn’t cost a lot of money because you’re using paper. The most common way in which quilling is used in jewelry is in quilled earrings. Such earrings often incorporate flower patterns or colorful psychedelic designs that are great for when you want to add a hippy flavor to an outfit. You can find a great guide to quilled earrings here