3 Sentimental Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Birthday

3 Sentimental Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Birthday

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A TopCashback.com survey revealed that 26% of Americans planned to spend between $21 and $50 on their best friend’s birthday in 2019. Friendships are hard to maintain these days, so you are undoubtedly lucky to have someone to call a best friend. Therefore, it makes sense to invest significant time and effort into finding the perfect gift for them that is thoughtful and sentimental. If you want to find out more about the best sentimental gift ideas to consider for your best friend’s birthday, please take a look at these points.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry has long been a go-to gift idea appropriate for various occasions, including birthdays. It is the perfect gift because people rarely spend on these expensive accessories. Your best friend will likely attach so much importance to any jewelry they receive from you because such gifts are exciting and unique. Also, birthdays are all about making memories, and your gifts should make your best friend feel particularly treasured on their special day. Jewelry is the perfect gift type to achieve this since nearly every jewelry piece is timeless. Clothing can fade, rip, get stained or go out of style.

Similarly, electronics can quickly get replaced by newer and better models even before you have a chance to enjoy them fully. However, your best friend will never forget the piece of jewelry they received from you since they will remember you every time they wear it. Therefore, feel free to browse through a wide range of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings from brands like Brilliant Earth to find the perfect, sentimental piece of jewelry worth gifting to your best friend.

  1. Personalized gifts

Technavio estimates that the US personalized gift market will reach $1.59 billion during 2020-2024. Indeed, these presents are growing in popularity due to the sentimentality and personal touch they bring to gift-giving. Personalized gifts are often highly valued by the recipient due to the extra thought and effort that makes and selects them. Moreover, they are memorable, allowing recipients to relive memories long after their special day has passed. Thankfully, you can purchase numerous personalized gifts for your best friend, including a mug, pen, key chain, or cushion, and have their picture or name engraved on them. 

  1. Experiential gifts

It isn’t uncommon to think about material items when considering the perfect gift to make your best friend’s day special. However, repeated research shows that gifts of experience always outdo material gifts and end up meaning more to recipients. For instance, the Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that people obtain happiness from experiences over material things because happy memories endure while material possessions lose value over time. Additionally, experiences are a critical aspect of our identity while material items remain separate. Consequently, experiential gifts can deepen connections with others since solid bonds are created through shared experiences. Therefore, city tours, adventure travel, seeing a concert together, and a dinner date are some of the ideas worth considering as sentimental birthday gifts that aren’t material.