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It’s no surprise that Elvira Hancock’s bedroom in Scarface is the ultimate lap of luxury. From satin sheets to fur and a sexy lowrider bed, we expect nothing less from the rich, beautiful, and bored in this 1983 classic.


Recreate the look for a handful of bills, no criminal relations required.


The IKEA Malm bed in birch veneer is a classic that never disappoints.

MALM Bed frame, birch veneer, $129.00


Matching nightstands for extra oomph optional.

MALM Nightstand, birch veneer $49.99


These satin “lingerie for your bed” sheets in gold create a rich look, and I bet they feel like a million bucks too.

Scent Sation Charmeuse Satin Full-size Sheet Set, $29.49


Add  a mink faux fur throw for warmth and texture.

Mink Faux Fur Thermal Throw, Available in 58"X60", $58.39


I couldn’t resist this ultimate shag rug from Overstock. You could opt for a plain one, but this adds a touch of 70s flair if you’re into that sort of thing.

Hand-woven Ultimate Cream/ Smoke Shag Rug (5'3 x 7'6), $119


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A conventional sofa can feel like a cumbersome block of junk, especially when decorating small and/or irregular shaped rooms. The next time you need to furnish a living room or designated seating area, here are a few un-sofa options to consider.

A set of 3 club chairs squished together like this ebay find gives a sofa-like appearance, but with way more versatility.

Vintage 70's ultra MOD Mid-Century Modern Club Chairs , $899


What better way to decorate a living room than to make the ultimate symbol of relaxation its centerpiece? These images prove that hammocks indoors are a great idea…

images from the blog moon to moon

…Etsy shops carry some unconventional styles, like this handmade piece from Hamanica, $38.

Black Magic Single Hammock from Hamanica on Etsy, $38


Be stylish without even trying by swapping your sofa for a rectangular floor cushion. Add layered rugs, baskets to double as coffee tables/media bins for the ultimate relaxed living room. Set off the lowness of it all with a tall lamp and wall decor hung high…

…for a similar effect, layer two of these cushions from Urban Outfitters.

Persian Tile Floor Cushion, $69.99 each


Floor cushion idea too scary? A statement chair with fancy floor pillows strewn about is a safe compromise…

…Moroccan poufs don’t come cheap, but Nate Berkus saves the day with his HSN line at $119 a pop. In white, silver and gold.

Nate Berkusâ„¢ Ivory Pouf with Metallic Stitching, $119


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Love the tradition of Christmas trees but hate the watering, needle vacuuming and potential de-squirreling associated with having a real one? Consider an alternative. From plastic to cardboard, these hip real tree alternatives add holiday cheer without the mess and space hogging. Best of all, instead of dragging these to the curb come January, you can stash them in a closet until next year.

Eat your heart out, Charlie Brown. This adorably sparse tabletop tree from Urban Outfitters is just $9.99.

This Tree Needs You


Why did the Modernist cross the road? Why, to get this stark wooden Filigree Tree, of course. Available from DWR, it’s 5 feet tall and easy to assemble/disassemble. $124.50.

Filigree Tree


For extra-lazy holiday enthusiasts, there’s the cardboard Christmas tree. Just pop it up and let the good times roll. $19.99.

the cardboard christmas tree


This pre-lit pink tree set from Home Depot doesn’t even need ornaments to achieve optimal festivity levels. $79.99

2-3-4 ft. Pre-Lit Pink Tinsel Alpine Tree Set (3 trees)


Vintage ceramic trees are undeniably kitsch and look undeniably inviting when lit in a window. Find them on Ebay or Etsy. $45 from Etsy.

large vintage ceramic christmas tree with lights

If a single bay leave can infuse a whole stew with forest-like aroma, imagine how nice an entire bay leaf tree would smell. $79.99 from Pottery Barn.

Natural Bay Leaf Tree



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With old man winter finally here, there’s no better way to recover from your seasonal depression than a little retail therapy. Our Friday gift guide is chock full of selfish home decor gifts guaranteed to lift your spirits. $85 or less.

These avant garde stocking stuffer boots from Lady Gaga’s Workshop (now at Barney’s) make me question my atheism.

Gaga's Workshop Avant Garde Boot Stocking, $65.00 each


Drape yourself in royal velvet for the holidays. Because you’re worth it.

Greenland Home Fashions Bohemian Velvet Quilt Set, $80 for Full/Queen

Who says teatime has to be dull? Throw an Alice in Wonderland mad tea party for yourself with this psychedelic set.


Begin with this pair of lamps from Sears, add one shag rug, and you’ve got one groovy 70’s room.

Set Of 2 19 in. Glass Table Lamps, $42

You’ll have a ball sneaking glimpses of yourself in this oh-so-disco mirrored cube table.

Mirrored Cube Living Room End Table, $85


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Weekend getaways and family holiday visits are on the horizon and your little rolly suitcase may not cut it in the Packing Department. Enter the perfect catchall: the duffel bag. Duffel bags are great because they can be packed to the gills, thrown over a shoulder and weather all kinds of travel manhandling. Here are some duffels that look good, are of enduring quality and fairly priced.

Made on the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth Pack is the ultimate in rugged craftsmanship. This Large Sportsmans Duffel—like anything from this outfitter—is guaranteed for life and will only look better with age. $265.

Large Sportmans Duffel


You may think of mock turtlenecks when you think of Eddie Bauer, but I think of duffles—my parents gave me a set when I was a kid and I still have them. This medium-sized Adventurer Duffel looks exceedingly durable as well. $119.

Adventurer® Medium Duffel


Patagonia’s Black Hole Duffel is sleek enough for the City Slicker yet entirely prepared for the Great Outdoors.  $149.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel


For the softer side of duffel, there’s Roxy’s muted multi-color Stripe Duffel. $62.

Move Me Duffle Bag


Is it a duffel or an accessory? It appears to be both. LeSportsac’s Extra Large Weekender in lush flower print. $138.

Extra Large Weekender


Anyone who has ever been near a hockey rink knows that hockey bags can fit just about anything. This vintage-style duffel is perfect for oversized items or heavy packers. $44.99.

Washington Capitals Mitchell & Ness Vintage Duffle Bag


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