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Everyone has inexplicable pet peeves; one of mine happens to be Kleenex boxes that completely clash with their general surroundings. A very plain, monotone box surely does no harm, but tissue companies seem gung ho on getting a colorful cornucopia of flowers, zigzags and curlicues into our homes, and this must be dealt with. Luckily, these tissue boxes cleverly circumnavigate the garish Kleenex box problem:


The suave stainless steel SÄVERN from IKEA is like a little lockbox for your tissues—and a bargain, at $11.99.

SÄVERN Tissue box, $11.99

This is probably the only thing from Jonathan “The King of Lacquer” Adler we can afford. $38.

Jonathan Adler lacquer tissue box, $38

This boutique box nicely pairs stainless steel and bamboo. Perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, office or wherever else you might want it. $16.49.

Formbu® Stainless Steel Boutique Box, $16.49

With the transparent holder, you’ll never be caught unawares when your Kleenex is running low. $14.99.

Crystal Clear Flat Tissue Box, $14.99

Should you happen to have $45 laying around explicitly for a tissue box, we wholeheartedly recommend this stunning Japanese Hinoki cypress model from Design Within Reach. $45.

Hinoki Tissue Box, $45


For those itching to ditch a box altogether (and don’t live in a dust factory), we present the Bridge holder from CB2. $14.95.

CB2 Bridge Tissue Holder, $14.95


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If you’re anywhere near Palm Springs, California, then you know all about the wonders of The Alley. It’s like an entire store devoted to the back of T.J. Maxx – those few aisles of home goods where you know you can always find a diamond in the rough.

There aren’t enough retro piggy banks priced at $4.99 in the world. It seems like they all exist in The Alley. Or, try a duck bank for the same price.

Retro Piggy Banks, $4.99

These fancy antique classics scream “rich genius,” but really they’re storage boxes in disguise. $14.99-$25.99 each.

"Antique" Books, $14.99-$25.99 each

Display your literary collection with these darling bulldog statue bookends.

Bulldog Statue Bookends, $21.99

With pottery priced to move, you can afford to display a handful of them on that lonely dresser of yours.

Pottery, $4.99

This jumbo red melamine tray will accommodate several martinis.

Melaimine Serving Tray, $16.99

Anything covered in wood grain brings me back to the 70’s, and that’s a good thing. Get your wood grain fix with this tray.

Wood Grain tray, $19.99


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A minimalistic bedroom is great for minimizing distraction and fostering relaxation. It should look intentional, however, not as if you’ve just moved in and haven’t gotten around to buying furniture yet. A simple color scheme and including a few well-edited accents helps in this. Oh, and another great thing about minimal? It really brings your costs down. This whole look is just $889.98.

The minimalist bedroom eschews flashy beds and headboards. The tall wood bed frame from West Elm also comes in white and dark brown. $169.

tall wood bed frame, $169 ON SALE

A utilitarian striped wool blanket makes for the ultimate minimalistic bedspread. $148.

Wool Blanket by Coyuchi, $148

The CB2 Fold Desk is streamlined and sturdy. $279.

fold desk , $279

Ikea’s Urban makes a good basic desk chair and won’t get in your way. $39.

Ikea Urban Chair, $39.99

It doesn’t get more minimalistic than Koncept’s LED floor lamp, available through The Conran Shop. $200.


The barebones Hyllis shelving unit from IKEA in silver screams functionality. Get a few bins to conceal clutter in. $14.99.

Hyllis Shelving Unit, $14.99

Stash this sleek twin bell alarm clock from The Conran Shop next to your bed, using a stack of books as makeshift nightstand. $36.00.


A vintage movie poster adds a touch of color and flare. From $3.99 on Ebay.

Strangers in the Night vintage movie poster, $3.99


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Should you ever find yourself in the market for a 1955 Frank Lloyd Wright lounge chair (to the tune of $15k+), 1stDibs is most likely where you’ll want to look first (www.1stdibs.com). This online middleman for luxury antique and vintage items has a dizzying selection of beautiful things, making it a daily destination for interior designers on the hunt for special pieces. Not surprisingly, 99% of the things listed on 1stDibs on any given day are beyond the reach of most mere mortals. But he who seeks shall find, and FM has managed to find some absolute steals for $200 or below, no schlepping to the flea market required. – FM

Every room needs an antique French chalk Jesus watching over it, I always say.

Antique French Jesus, $108

Does one need a vintage opera hat? No. Does one want one? Yes, one does. $150.

Vintage Opera Hat, $150

Love your pooch? Prove it, with this old-school iron dog bed. $175.

Iron Dog Bed, $175

This gold painted mirror from the 1920’s is great for adding a bit of age to an otherwise modern bedroom or living room. $175.

1920's Detailed Wood Mirror, $175

Wondering what could possibly follow the antler/taxidermy phase we’re slowly coming out of? Well, here you have it: old snow shoes. This antique Canadian pair is by no means cheap ($200), but could prove entirely practical should Snowpocalypse strike again.

Canadian Snow Shoes, $200


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Happy Presidents’ Day, everyone. If your pad is decidedly lacking in presidential representation, consider adding some with any of these fun and very unimpeachable items.

The eagle: beloved national bird of presidents past and present. This brass eagle has great potential as wall flare. $58.99.

29" Wall Eagle in Antique Brass, $58.99

Today is also George Washington’s birthday. This Washington bust would make a regal bookend. $18.95.

Sale- George Washington Bust, $18.95

Let Honest Abe keep watch over you with this nifty replica painting. $199.

President Abraham Lincoln: Classic Art Reproduction, $199

Make use of these placemats and you’ll never again forget that Millard Fillmore was actually a president (1850-1853). $54 for a set of four.

Our Nations Presidents Set of Four Placemats by Simrin, $54

Like Bill, this corkscrew may not be entirely classy, but boy, it sure is charming.

CSB Bill Clinton Corkscrew, $18.24

Stick this life-sized cardboard Reagan in a corner the next time you throw a party and he’ll have your guests a-chattering in no time. He was “The Great Communicator” after all. $34.99.

President Ronald Reagan Life-Size Cardboard Stand-Up, $34.99


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