Who Said You Needed Green Fingers To Get Your Garden Right?

We hear all the time that gardening is an amazing way to ground ourselves, ease our anxieties, and generally get our homes looking the way we want them. ‘You’ll love it,’ they say. ‘You just aren’t giving it a chance.’ 

But, what these green-fingered fanatics don’t realize is that, for some of us, an outside space that needs attention feels less like a way to destress, and more like the stress itself. In these instances, far from seeing the possibilities, we look at that tangled, overgrown mess and shut the doors because we just can’t deal with it. 

Such is the curse of not having green fingers. But, as with anything, there is a means to achieve the garden of your dreams regardless. In fact, whoever said that you needed green fingers to get stuck in here couldn’t have been more wrong, as we’re going to prove by considering three alternative, and very tempting, plans of action. 

Image Source: CC0 License

Seek easy-to-find inspiration

If you aren’t green-minded then trawling through garden landscaping websites or magazines won’t be much fun. Luckily, there is an easier, and typically more interesting alternative, and it comes in the form of turning instead to easy-to-find inspiration. After all, every house on your street will have gardens that you can steal ideas from. Equally, grabbing garden landscaping ideas from your local public gardens can mean a fun day out AND inspiration from some of the best designers in the business. All without your once having to go out of your way with a pursuit that, quite frankly, altogether fails to keep you engaged. 

Trust the professionals 

Once you have a rough idea of how you’d like, there’s nothing wrong with calling for backup. After all, there are professionals to take care of everything from design through to maintenance, saving you a task and ensuring a finish that you’d probably never achieve alone. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a well-finished garden, with none of the hard work that you’ve been avoiding thus far. That’s a win-win if ever we’ve seen one, and it’s a benefit that doesn’t require a green finger in sight. Well, at least not where you’re concerned. 

Don’t be afraid to simplify

Don’t forget either that, sometimes, the pressure to get gardening can lead us to overcomplicate the matter, but there’s no need. If you aren’t garden-minded and you don’t want anyone else coming in and out of your space, then simple is best. It may be, for instance, that you’d prefer to add a patio or decking area to cover a large portion of your outside space. Or, you could simply lay turf that doesn’t require much more maintenance than a quick cut every few weeks. Like with anything in life, knowing what you can realistically manage, and taking steps to make that work, is guaranteed to see you a lot happier with the results in the long-term. 

So, forget green fingers. It’s time to find another way to make your garden work for you at last.