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While perusing some of my favorite sites for home furnishings, I’ve noticed an influx of brand new 1960’s and 1970’s-inspired designs. Sure, you can purchase authentic vintage goods, but they usually come with a not-so-vintage price tag. I’ll be posting my finds of  super affordable modern vintage looks this week!

Overhead lighting can ruin the look of a gorgeous room, so consider a floor lamp with multiple movable lights to highlight your favorite decor.  Today’s 70’s find is this Round Head Chrome Tree Lamp from Target, $79.99 and free shipping.


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I’ve always been a big fan of clocks. Not only are they extremely handy when you’re running late, but they make a great artistic statement as well. A handsome piece such as this graphically striking example below can instantly become the stylistic centerpiece that pulls a room together. Today, I’ve gathered some favorites of mine and found some lower priced alternatives…

This ultra mod extra large Retro Modern Clock (above) by Karlsson is a 3-dimensional timepiece and Pop Art for your wall. It retails at Conran for $350, but you can get it brand new for less than half the price on ebay!

Add a touch of classic nostalgia with this adorable 1930s Gentleman Classic Black Kit-Cat Klock for $40.

Quality vintage electronics like this 1970s-inspired GE Retro Clock from PeacockEnvy’s shop on Etsy ($25, below) is sure to liven up your kitchen.

Why spend $165 on the Mr White Wall Clock from Conran, a modern elegant piece that will fit in with virtually any decor…

…when you can get this practically identical clock for less ($49.95) from Crate and Barrel:


Another monochromatic white aluminum piece from Conran for only $26 is minimalism at its finest:

And finally, spruce up your home with this beautiful vintage modern Sunburst Clock by Kenneth Wingard for $119. Just over 2 feet in diameter, this clock is bound to make a statement.

It retails for $25 less than this similar Pluto Sunburst Clock from Conran for $145!



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Most people know Urban Outfitters for their clothes, but did you know they have a fabulous online furniture selection? Here are my picks…

Danish Modern Love Seat, $398

Danish Modern Love Seat, $398.

This little Danish Modern Love Seat is so adorable, and the velour yellow cushions are a really nice touch, a sunny color you don’t see often in upholstery.


Mid-Century Sofa, $480

I used to own one of these Mid-Century Sofas, it’s a great couch for smaller spaces. Looks great with a fancy pillow. These are classic mcm colors, but they carry this piece in a few different versions.

Jet Set Storage Bench, $248

Jet Set Storage Bench, $248

Stylish and functional, this Jet Set Storage Bench comes in several colors.

Mid-Century Rocker Chair, $288

Mid-Century Rocker Chair, $288

Mid-Century Rocking Chairs are currently in trend, so why not get this brand new version from Urban, check out the site for more color options!