Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Maintaining warmth at home is essential to stay cosy and healthy throughout the winter. Getting in after a cold day to a warm home is so pleasant and comforting. If you are looking for smart ways to keep your home warmer this winter, follow this guide.

Image by judenicholson from Pixabay 

Outside features

Although most people associate being warm with being inside, you might want to make use of your garden too. Although you can wear a coat and lots of layers, it isn’t quite the same feeling as you’d get with outside features and furnishings. 

For instance, kitting your garden out with a box of blankets, warm cushions, and a fire pit will ensure that you can have fun outside while staying warm throughout the winter. 

Using customised fire pits from a company like S&S Fire Pits will ensure that you get the look and size that you want to suit your garden and winter needs.

Log fires

Speaking of fire pits, the warmth that you get from natural flames is like no other. It is super cosy and more cost-effective in the long run. So, if you want to save some money on your heating bills then why not make use of your log fire?

You should ensure to get your chimney cleaned once a year to get rid of potential dangers and blockages. Then, you can make use of your fire throughout the winter to stay warm and cosy. 

If you don’t have a log fire in your home, it is something to consider to save you money and also feel super cosy throughout the winter months.

Close your curtains

Although you might not think that open curtains can hinder the warmth of a home, they can. Closing your curtains will ensure to trap the heat in and not let it escape or come into contact with the cold windows. 

Fix your windows

Should you have damaged windows, you will want to consider fixing them immediately so that no air can escape. Leaking air will hinder the warmth of your home and you will be throwing money away. 

Maximum insulation

To maximise the potential of your heating, it helps to use insulation. Like curtains, insulation will trap the heat inside so that the temperature can be maintained. 

Poorly insulated windows or doors can lead to heat loss. Yet, your home is more likely to lose up to 30% of the heated air in winter through the roof. Indeed, there could be two main issues when it comes to under-roof insulation. Firstly, your insulation solution lets the cold air through, and the warm air out. This can be remediated with professional insulation services. Secondly, your insulation is getting damp because the roof structure has a leak. If this is the case, you want to reachout to professional roofing engineers, such as the Able Roofing team, who can provide rapid, long-lasting, and effective repair works. 

Use layers

To lower the cost of your heating bill and still stay warm at home, it will help to layer up. Walking around in a vest and shorts is guaranteed to make you feel cold and want to whack the heating up. Whereas wearing layers will keep you warmer. 

Using blankets as well as clothing will enhance your warmth and keep the heating as low as possible. 

Set heating timers

Should you want to walk into a warm house after spending a long day out in the cold, you can install smart heating that uses timers. That way, you can switch the heating on when you are out so you can come back to a nice warm home. This will allow you to maximise your warmth and keep your central heating system in great condition.