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Find: Vintage Dining Room Table

Location: 10th Avenue, Brooklyn NY

This is one of the coolest tables I have ever seen! Found on the street, covered in dust, with a “FREE, TAKE ME HOME” sticky on it, I knew this table was something special (aka worth carrying up 2 very narrow flights of stairs to my apartment).  It has an all-metal top, including two hidden leaves. The entire expansion system works on a system of springs that lifts the table top up, pulls out and locks the two leaves into place to make a tight, flat surface.  The legs of this table had been painted half off-white, half black and had seen better days. They needed to be fixed up a bit to really bring this table back to life!

Here are some examples of methods to jazz it up…

Hot pink would really be a great way to give this table some punch. You pretty much can’t go wrong with hot pink and B&W but almost any bright color would work in this situation.

Table from Steph and Phil’s Reimagined Victorian


Metallic! Gold or Silver legs on this table would really take it up a notch. Again, with the top of the table being very versatile you could do a nice warm gold or a brushed silver paint on the base; I would avoid a chrome finish or anything that is too shiny, it would look out of place.

Night Stand with Curved Legs


Feeling lucky? Adding detail to the legs would be a great DIY fix too, like this fun bright pattern painted on ordinary sofa legs!

DIY painted legs


And here is what I did. Spent the better part of my Saturday cleaning, sanding, priming and painting it this nice glossy grey. I had originally planned on a hot pink or watermelon red but in the end went with a nice clean grey.  The ladder in the photo is another street find and will most likely be my next project!


Until then, Happy Hunting!



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