Sharing Art With The World

Have you ever looked at a painting and found yourself speechless? Have you ever looked at painting and found yourself lost in the meaning behind the art? Have you ever stood in the stillness of a gallery surrounded by hours worth of work and realised there is so much beauty in the world? 

Grayscale Photography of Paintings

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Art has the innate ability to move people and answer so many unanswered questions. You don’t have to be an art critic to feel moved by an artist work. From the beginning of time art has been used as a form of expression. From the Neolithic period through to the Egyptians through to Renaissance artists and beyond, people have seen art as a form of storytelling and expression.  Every person will get something different from the same art piece, and each message from those pieces is individual. 

Woman Sitting on Ottoman in Front of Three Paintings

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There are hundreds of  famous recognisable pieces of work that have been around for hundreds of years that people gain comfort from. The Kiss by Rodin, The Mona Lisa, Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh, Venus de Milo and The Last Supper just to name a few. These pieces of work are global sensations, however, the art that is produced now is just as important as the art that’s been created before. 

Art seems to have an ethereal power over humans and has the ability to make everything else disappear. Art explains the meaning of life, the world beyond death, religion and spirituality. ‘She Will Find What Is Lost’ a painting by Brian Kershisnik brings people to tears. The piece depicts a struggling woman who is being supported bye by Angels throughout her life. The explanation of the painting does not do the painting enough justice. The world has gone through so much loss and his painting depicts all of the souls who have lost someone they love. It’s important to understand is that the interpretation of art is personal, so you may see this image in a totally different way than others, which is part of its beauty. 

People Inside Museum

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However, the power that is is portrayed in this image is incredible. The knowledge that those we have known in the afterlife surround us and help us through our darkest times is so comforting.  It’s similar to the poem that’s often read at funerals that explains God carries us through hard times, except rather than portray God as to be all and end all to the afterlife, it shows that there is much more than we realise out there. 

Each artist’s work is individual to them and the meaning behind why they have created what they have is personal to them. Brian by no means is telling you what you should believe or what the truth about the afterlife is, he is simply showing that you’re never alone through his work. This is an important message for everyone, you are never alone. 

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