I remember quite vividly the rotary phone we used to have in my childhood home. It was a shade of green that could only have come out of the late 70’s and it hung high up on the wall (well, high for six-year old me). I always thought of it as a toy, and today it would certainly look like one in comparison to the electro gadget I have now. But as more of us cease having a land line altogether, there’s something fun in the idea of having a rotary phone as a land line again. Rotaries could not look more nostalgic and usher back in the concept of having a “phone area”—a place actually intended for sitting and chatting. There are some great rotary phones still floating around out there (whether your place has a 4 prong jack is an entirely separate issue!). Here are a few:

This orange monster would have been just the sort parents gave their kids for their own bedroom lines. $50 on Etsy.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Orange Rotary Phone 1970s


I think I’d go through the hassle of having Time Warner install a 4 prong jack in my place just so I could use this pretty pink number. $75 on Etsy.

Vintage PINK Rotary Telephone


The rotary dial is on the bottom. Not sure it gets much cooler than this. $90 on Etsy.

Vintage Rotary Ericophon Phone


This French-style vintage phone from Western Electric is as dainty as all get out. Starting bid of $14.99 on eBay.



Is it a phone? Is it a donut? Why, it’s both! Starting bid of $9.99 on Ebay (search for ‘donut phone’ for other colors and auctions).

TELEPHONE Donut / Handbag Phone


For those that want the look of a rotary without the added effort (cheaters), Crosley carries a whole line of modern adaptations, like this red one for $49.90 on Amazon.

Crosley 302 Red Desk Phone


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