Dealing With Your Daughter’s Prom Nerves

It might be quite a while since you’ve felt this way, but prom can be a big deal for the young woman who can see it approaching on the horizon. It’s one of the biggest social events of their life so far and, in a way, is a send-off to school and all the people that they have known there. There’s also a lot of pressure on young women to look their best. All of this can understandably leave your daughter feeling a little frazzle. However, you can help her get through it.

Picture – Pixabay License

Make it clear that perfect doesn’t exist

Prom night has often been touted as being the perfect night, and there’s a lot of pressure to ensure it stays that way. Talking to your teen is the best way to help clear up the misconceptions often floating around the night. There’s no such thing as perfect, and working too hard to try and fit a certain way is going to get in the way of having fun, which is what it’s really about.

Go shopping with her

A lot of her anxiety might come from the expectation that she’s supposed to look her very best on prom night. This pressure can make it difficult to choose any kind of look, but you can help her, by searching through modest formal dresses at local stores or online and giving her some tips on choosing the right accessories.  A second pair of eyes can help prevent any fashion faux pas, too.

Give her a pampering

It’s not just about how she dresses, your daughter is going to want to feel and look confident, as well. One way to help her do that is to join her in a little self-care leading up to the day. Getting some of the best bath, skin, and hair products or even going to the local spa together can help get some anxiety out of her while helping her look and feel gorgeous.

About getting a date

For a lot of people, the stress of prom is going to largely come down to whether they’re going to be able to get a date to take them, or whether it’s going to be the date that they want. Encouraging your daughter to be resolute, rather than simply waiting and seeing, but also being ready to help her rebound in the case of rejection is important. She will see it’s not the end of the world but might need some help getting there.

Have a loose game plan

The day and evening leading up to prom night, it’s going to be all that she can think about. You can help her get rid of some of the nerves by focusing on organizing the night with her. Keep plans loose so that if some things fall by the wayside, it’s not a huge disaster.

For the majority of people, prom is a wonderful experience where you get one last chance to really kick back with friends, many of whom you might not see as much in the near future. Helping your daughter feel confident in going can ensure she doesn’t miss out on the opportunity.