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Looking to dress up your windows?

Sheer linen drapes have a way of making a room feel both elegant and casual at the same time. They filter the light so nicely and have the perfect balance of structure and flow. Below, some of my affordable favorites.

These Sheer Linen Drapes at Pottery Barn are on sale.

Linen Sheer Drape, $33-58


Window panels from West Elm come in a variety of lengths and neutral shades to fit no matter what.

Sheer Linen Window Panel, $9.99 - $43


From Crate and Barrel, another no-nonsense option.

Linen Sheer Natural Curtain Panel, from $29.95


The open weave on these Overstock drapes creates a more natural texture and look.

Linen Open Weave Natural Sheer Curtain Panel , $40.49


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Taxidermy is everywhere these days. Though pretty high up on the coolness scale, it also costs a pretty penny and isn’t suitable for hardcore animal lovers. Here are some taxidermy alternatives that will add flair to your wall without the guilt.

For those bummed that they will never be able to “bag” a dinosaur, Urban Outfitters brings you this, for just $24.99.

Inflatable Dino Head


Get on this little guy’s good graces, and he may just tell you how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop. $13.85 on Amazon.

16-Inch Molded Owl


Cabela’s provides fishing tale fodder for the city slicker with this resin-based Bluegill replica. $79.00.

Cabela's Fish Mount Replica


Dapper Cadaver is one of the better URLs I’ve seen in a while. They sell all manner of neat oddities, like this jackalope head for just $36!

Replica Fur Jackalope Head


This cardboard rhino let’s you channel your inner Hemingway, minus the booze and broads. $52 from Cardboard Safari.

large rhino trophy

large rhino trophy


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