What’s Your Home’s Interior Design Really Hiding?

We use interior design to our advantage, to make our homes look nice, have plenty of personality, and to make sure we feel comfortable living in them. But that’s not the only thing a good interior design can do for your home! Not at all – sometimes, the way you decorate and dress up your rooms hides a lot of things as well, and you might not even be aware of it… And today, we’re going to go through some of those things, and make sure you’re truly aware of what’s really going on in your home.

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

A Lot of Dirt

Interior design tricks can do wonders for hiding the dirt in your home. You can throw a rug down to hide a part of the floor, and you can even choose certain colors to paint the walls with that will help to hide dirt altogether. And these are all very clever ways of keeping your home neater and tidier! 

However, even when you choose these dark colors and items to hide scuffed floor panels, it’s a good idea to periodically wipe these areas down. You don’t want stains growing, and you don’t want to have to repaint every single year either. Make sure you’re using gentle soap and you’re not scrubbing too hard on already damaged areas of your home. 

Some Blocked Home Systems

Pushing furniture against the wall can trap air, and mainly heat, which can turn your room very stuffy in the long term. Wallpaper can start bubbling near the bottom of your walls, and you can trap a lot of the central heating usage behind the cushions – now that’s just a waste! 

But don’t worry – even if you discover you’ve blocked off a few vents or broken a radiator, there are some very handy essential services you can turn to. Don’t feel like you have to take on such work alone; being a homeowner is already a lot of work! 

Maybe Even a Few Pests

Of course, we have to consider the question: are there pests in your home? And if there were, would you even know about them? They know how to hide very well, and it’s only when we see signs of their droppings or scratching, or we hear them scuttling through the walls, that we realise we’ve got some uninvited guests! 

If you start noticing symptoms like these when you pull back the sofa or you lift up the bed, be sure to get in touch with a Pest Control Company. It’s hard to get rid of bugs on your own, and you’d definitely rather leave such a messy job to the pros! And most of all, you’ll want to be sure the bed bugs, or the ants or termites, are gone for good. 

Interior design can do a lot for your home, but most of all, it’s used to dress up your space. So, be sure to keep an eye on how clean your home is as a result.